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JWB’s Dogger-In-Chief FINALLY Woofs The Bloggy Boogie Intern-List

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  •  September 21, 2016


Hello, students of St. Xavier’s College. So, I know you had a lot of fun with me on the last day of Bloggy Boogie. My entry was a pretty solid one, too. I just rammed into the massive auditorium gate, and poor mommy had to run all the way with me.

Don’t think I didn’t notice you all trying to butter me up for letting you be the one! I sniffed a lot of talent in your college, to woof honestly. Now, even though all of your homework was drool-worthy, I could only eat a few of them.

The three selected students are:

  1. Aastha Agarwal
  2. Akshita Rana
  3. Cyrus Edwin

Congratulations! I already can’t wait for you to come, so that I can eat biscuits off your hands!

The rest of you, don’t be disappointed, you can still send us an email ( ) if you want to be an intern with Jaipur Women Blog, and we’ll send you an additional task. Selected interns, WOOF-CALL US here: +91-9828288876.

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