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JWBLoves: To be with your Mommy #TogetherOnline

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  •  May 19, 2015


Let’s be honest this very moment! What’s your reaction when your mom approaches the computer or asks any question related to its operation? 

Yes, and it’s not only you! We all behave absolutely impossible. We throw towards our moms negligently that she will hardly manage it, that it is too complicated. We threaten her that she will damage our priceless possession. And in the worst scenario, we even shame her for this?

However, they were our moms who sent us off to school, taught us how to read, how to eat and how to shampoo the hair properly! So why do we get impatient when it comes to showing our moms how to use something like the computer, when they were in fact the very people who taught us how to use the toilet!

We whole-heartedly appreciate this initiative that encourages children to invite mommies online. Watch this video and discover happiness of being #TogetherOnline!

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