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Ayushi Agarwal

IWB Blogger

JWB Thanks Rappers This International Men’s Day

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  •  November 19, 2015


19th November is not any day, it’s *Drum-roll* International Men’s Day! Dear Men, we girls at JWB are known to crib about your idiosyncrasies and point out your mistakes. But not today!

Today, we wish to thank you through our letters for being so amazing and doing good deeds. We chose a number of male dominated professions, like bikers, policemen, realtors, bartenders, fitness trainers, etc.

Hang on! Hold that thought. We never do anything without having some fun of our own!  It’s International Men’s Day, and so we thought-  Let’s become those men for a day! It’s truly a tribute from us, since we have been branded as ‘Men-Haters’ quite often. (I swear, we’re not. Just feminists!).

We’ve even created a new rubric called “Jaipur Men” on this day!

There’s one thing in the world that I’ve tried and tried, but failed miserably! Aaaand that’s ‘rapping’. Rapping is singing waay too fast, and not mixing up words while doing it. Nope. Not me.

I am not a cool rapper, but I could certainly pretend to be one! I mean, how hard can it be? Baggy clothes, gettin’ yo’ bling on, YOLO, Swag, stuff like that right?

Well, I was wrong. Meet Ritansh Azad, our super cool rapper, who proved that I knew nothing about real-life rappers!


Sadly, he proved me wrong a little late.


The damage was done. I was officially looking like I stepped right out of the Cartoon Network. We posed in front of a graffiti, and I grooved to imaginary beats.

5 6

I had the poor thing baffled, it seems!

Back to Mr. Ritansh now! He has been raping about social issues and various other agendas since he was a teenager. And he’s bloody good at it! He writes all the raps on his own, and his newly formed  band is called “Motorcycle Shayaris” .

To get a dose of inspiration, he took us to an alley surrounded by waste and dirt. I swear, he could’ve bust out a rap right there and then on the state cleanliness in India.


I continued to stay in character.


I gave him a thank-you letter since rappers like him, need to be thanked! (Yes, the following lingo is a proof of my earlier misconception relating to rappers)

 Dear Mr. Rapper,

It’s International Men’s Day, and I wanna thank you, my man.

My ‘brother from another mother’, thanks for never objectifying women in your songs, dude.

I appreciate it.

You have the liberty to rap about anything in this fuckin’ world, man and you use that power to preach about social issues. *Fist-bump*

Give it up for my man, y’all!

Thank you for not calling women by nasty names or using slangs which can be b*tchy or hurtful, bruh!

Thank you for being so cool and considerate at the same time, and not saying things like ‘Shorty’, ‘Mothafucka’, ‘Nuttin’, etc.

You prove that it is not mandatory for rappers to spill out insensitive rhymes that go with your dope beats, just for that dough mate!

Peace out!

Your brother,

Jaipur Women Blog


Catch his single, “Holi hai”, a catchy socio-political satire which will make you groove, releasing on Holi! (I’ve already got a sneak peek, and its amaaaaaaazing! Perks of being a blogger!)

Thanks for bearing with my shenanigans, Ritansh!

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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