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JWB Team Went To Nahargarh Rescue Center & It’s Awesome!

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  •  May 29, 2015


So last week we went for a mini trip around Jaipur when we suddenly spotted Nahargarh – The Rescue Center. Situated 3 kms from Amer, this place lies on the Jaipur-Delhi highway.

Image courtesy Anudeep Mathur

Image courtesy Anudeep Mathur

It is basically a jungle. There also reside many rescued animals: Leopard, Asiatic Lion, Bear, Caracal, Deer, Gharials, Crocodile, Wild Dog, Hyena, Jungle Civet, Fox, Rhesus Monkey, Langur, etc. Though every animal can move freely in the jungle, lions and tigers are kept in huge cages. After the Government of India imposed a ban on circus, these lions and tigers living here were rescued.

Image courtesy Hitesh Adwani.

Image courtesy Anudeep Mathur

This Biological Park is spread over 7.2 sq km of Nahargarh Sanctuary Park. This park’s landscape consists of granite rocks, quartzite rocks and also has the region covered with dry deciduous and tropical rain forests. It has more than 220 types of birds and 450 varieties of flora and fauna.


The jungle safari can be done from 9 am till 5 pm. You can take your own vehicle for the safari. Entry fee per person is Rs. 50. If you have a car, you have to pay Rs. 200, and if it’s a two-wheeler, you get to pay Rs. 50.


Get ready to encounter many huge Ostriches. We never knew Jaipur has reserved ostrich birds. The sight of them is spectacular, after all these years of seeing them on our TV channels. You can walk down near to their life-size compound.

IMG-20150506-WA0007 IMG-20150506-WA0009

Nilgai is a common sight here. It is the largest Asian antelope. They are too shy, make sure to make less noise when you approach them. This one is a female without horns.


There is a place called ‘Ram Sagar’ here which is a large water body which gets filled during monsoon. It is home to many migrating and local birds and lots of crocodiles. Yes, be alert if you walk closer to it.




However, it was a delight to see so much greenery all over this place.


Another place called ‘Lalit Bilas’ is a heritage property built by a Maharaja of Jaipur where he used to come for hunting. It has nearly 200+ rooms. The placed is now closed but you can enjoy its beauty from outside.


Majhi Ki Bawdi (Stepwell) is another historic place somewhere in-between the jungle.


There are few resting shades build inside the jungle. In case you are planning to spend few minutes there, we suggest you stay alert.


Apart from a variety of fauna, this jungle offers a lot for people researching on flora.


  1. Prefer going with few people since jungle cannot be really safe.
  2. Make sure your vehicle has enough fuel, extra tires and first-aid box.
  3. Avoid going during day time in summers. Animals don’t come out in so much heat. Good time for safari is morning or before it closes down.
  4. Take lots of water with you.
  5. Don’t forget the first aid box. You might get hurt by the thorns and shrubs.
  6. Don’t litter the jungle and don’t try to feed anything to the animals.


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