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JWB started morning with artists at City Palace

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  •  June 1, 2015


For JWB it hasn’t been just a regular morning, but the one – with fun, creativity and many, many kids. We have been on excursion at the Diwan-e-aam of the famous City Palace. The entire space has been filled with colors to please eyes and classical Indian music to please ears. Not just that, adding more grace to the gleaming beauty of the palace, girls have been practicing the mesmerizing kathak dance in one part of the grand hall. The chamber looked like an art gallery decorated with red and golden colors and exhibiting different paintings.

Summer camp at City Palace

Summer camp at City Palace

Instated by the Princess of Jaipur, Diya Kumari, the Annual Summer Training camp conducted here is highly appreciated by both locals and global tourists.

Moving around the camp, we met Ramu Ramdev, one of the talented artists- teachers. He became JWB’s guide for the entire journey amidst the colorful arts by the little creators.

Ramu Ramdev showing JWB one of the traditional forms of painting.

Ramu Ramdev showing JWB one of the traditional forms of painting.

He told us that Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum, Saraswati Kala Kendra and Rangrit Sanstha mutually organized this one-month long camp, with very reasonable registration fees of 150 Rupee. The organizers also provide the basic resources like sheets and colors to paint to the needy for all the activities.

This camp was established with the main objective of connecting young generation with the traditional art form and culture of India.

With the extending approach of doing the welfare for society, the camp also works for many other social causes like “Save the girl child” and “Environment protection”.

Fund source for "Save the girl child"

Fund source for the”Save the girl child” Cause

Big and little artists was asking the teacher about color and finishing details, so our chat with Ramu Ramdev became harmoniously the part of his class,

Ramu Ramdev teaches the techniques of good coloring to his students.

Ramu Ramdev teaches techniques of coloring to his students.

When we asked youngsters attending classes about their experience, they said:

“I really enjoy coming here. With such little fees, I can learn so much. This is the best way to utilize the time. I am planning to come here next year also.”





Another great thing we have got to know is that in some families more than one generation was continuously connected with this summer camp. “My mother used to come here for her dance classes. Now, I am coming. I have started feeling that this is like our family culture to come here and learn.”

Ramu Ramdev was feeling very proud telling us: “Not just kids, we have student from the age group 6 to 60. All of them learn with the same passion. I feel good watching these happy faces at the camp. Students come for the morning class and go back after the evening class ends. Parents are happy and tension free about the security of their child here.”

Big artists learning at the camp

Women learns art at the camp

A group of boys was learning Sitar in one part of the hall. The background music of sitar strings was spreading far from this musical nook.

Students learning Sitar

Students learning Sitar

This camp not just fulfills the hobby interest of children but also helps in providing lively hood for many people by converting their interest into profession.



Not restricting to only one or two art forms, this summer camp is very versatile. The daylong schedule consists of different forms of traditional arts held by renowned artists. The list is as follows:

Long-established painting (from 11 am – 1 pm by Ramu Ramdev, Babulal Marothia and Hament Ramdev)

Kathak and folk dance (from 9 am – 11 am by Dr. Jyoti Bharti Goswami)

Sitar (from 8 am – 10 am by Pandit Harihar Bhatt)

Photography (from 8 am – 10 am by Yogendra Gupta and Purushottam Diwakar)

Dhrupad (from 4 pm – 6 pm by Dr. Madhubhatt Tailang)

Pakhawaj (from 4 pm – 6 pm by Pandit Pravin Arya)



By the end of the camp, the children will be taken for a one-day trip to Jaigarh. The educational motive of this trip is to teach children about water harvesting and proper water management. On the last day of the summer camp participants will give a grand farewell where they will demonstrate their learned skills. The parents are invited to watch their dazzling performances after the month-long hard work.

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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