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Priya Motiani

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JWB Loves: Poem ‘Things I Wish My Mother Taught Me’

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  •  November 17, 2015


This video of a 21-year old poet performing her spoken-word poem “Things I Wish” is the best thing that you’ll see today. I promise.

“I wish my mother taught me in this society as a woman, the first thing that you’re ever going to learn is that your body is not yours.” 

These are the words with which KiNG began her heart-wrenching feminist poem at the 2015 National Poetry Slam in Oakland, California.

She talks about what she was told and what she should have been told by her mother as she was growing up.

“I wish she would’ve told me that the first thing you learn will not be the last.” “I often times wonder when she forgot to warn me saying, ‘Beware, you will encounter your sexuality far before you are old enough to understand it. You will lose your innocence before you were even aware that you had gained it.'”

KiNG also lets her feminist spirit unleash through her powerful expressions when she says…

How you should blame him, before you blame yourself — actually you should blame the society that created him. The one that keeps him safe and leaves you cold.”

Brace yourself, and watch her video that oozes out oodles of empowerment.

‘The one that keeps him safe and leaves you cold.’ That statement has already built a nest in my mind.

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