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JWB on Front Row with Sonam Kapoor

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  •  February 7, 2015


Sonam Kapoor came to Jaipur on the last day of Jaipur Literature Festival 2015. She launched the book ‘The Front Row: Conversations on Cinema’, along with involving in a hearty conversation with the celebrity journalist and writer of this book Anupama Chopra.

Below are few quotes by the vivacious Sonam that she spoke on behalf of every female artist. Her point was simple – why do media scrutinize the life of a female artist more than her male counterpart!

When someone asked her what her working style was on the sets of a movie

I work seriously on sets, just like you at your workplace! We don’t play around with one another. We have roles to perform and for that sincerity is needed, just like in any other occupation.


Media interviews are tailored.

I have seen journalists making modifications in the statements to keep it spicy and catchy. This exhausts me. They must understand how this can affect the life of an individual.

But, social media comes to rescue.

Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc that we can now speak the truth without molding. This is a brilliant platform to interact with your people.

As a woman, I keep my life secure.

Newspapers can create a fire if you give them smoke which is very stressing, at least for me. That’s why; I keep my personal life way too away from media. But then I also know that all this is a part of my life now and somewhere I have accepted it.

How journalists can help?

Stop talking about the clothes we wear and makeup we put on our face. Use your energies to do some research on the role we are doing and talk to us about that.

Is it hard to take on criticism?

I don’t think criticism is personal when you are a celebrity. Everyone is allowed to make comments on the work you do, but in the end its you who will be your best judge. This can be challenging but is a great experience.

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