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JWB Celebrates Janmashtami By Breaking…Err…Making Pottery

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  •  September 5, 2015


We, the people at JWB, eagerly wait for weekends. Not because we get a day off, but because we get the most interesting day of the week… the day when all of us indulge in a unique and fun activity TOGETHER.

And because this weekend coincides with the naughtiest and dearest Krishna Kanahiya’s birthday, we decided to celebrate it, but in our own unusual way.y2

Joyous Janmashtami greetings from Team JWB to all of you!y3

Lord Krishna was a playful maakhan-chor. So much so, that a custom known as Dahi Handi is followed every year on his birthday in his reminiscence. People form a human pyramid to break an earthen pot full of butter which is placed at quite an altitude.25

Now we are not as talented and daring as these fellas, but we surely have creativity-magnets buried in our systems. So, instead of breaking a matki, we Govindas decided to make one (ummm… many, actually).

Hence there were we, Lavanya (blogger-in-chief), Priyanka (‘the girl with the red bag’), Pallav (the shutterbug) and I (Priya), standing at the entrance of Arch Academy of Design, all set and excited to master the art of pottery-making.IMG_6437

Arch Academy offers exclusive craft courses, one among which is clay-craft. Shreya, one of the members of the Arch team, led us to the wing devoted to this purpose.


Somehow, in this picture, Shreya looks like one of those Hindi TV Serial’s ideal bahu. Don’t you think?

1She introduced us to Ramesh Chandra Prajapati, the dexterous craftsperson who teaches clay craft, and just as he turned to meet us, we got a glimpse of the awesome clay paintings he was working on. ‘Wow!’ escaped almost instantaneously from our mouths.2

This must have happened for the first time, I guess, that all of us were keen on getting our hands dirty, for all the right reasons, that is. And watching the pottery machines increased our excitement manifold!4


Like first-benchers, Priyanka stood ahead to get a better look.

The mentor of the hour, Ramesh Sir, told us that kaali mitti and multani mitti were used in the proportion of 3:1 respectively. Noted! 7

He showed us a demo by creating a perfect earthen pot effortlessly within seconds!


And we made sure to broadcast the art as our Snapchat story.

It was a feast for the eyes when Ramesh detached the pot from the wheel by sliding a thin strand of thread through it.13

Our ‘girl with the red bag’ jumped into action first, without the bag, for a change. While she was taking instructions from the teacher, we were all cherishing the smell of wet clay.24

And brrr! The wheel on the machine started rolling. We had quite a good laughter session as Priyanka tried to mould and shape the now circling clay.22 Watch her first creation:17

Don’t fall for her innocent face. She is as mischievous as Krishna himself. Quite cleverly, she began another round of creating an earthen memoir.19

Remember back in childhood how kids pop on their toes waiting for their turn on the swing? We resembled those kids. Our excitement more so. Yeah. That’s our weekend avatar.27

Finally, was my turn on the wheel. And my performance was… disastrous. But yet I had the audacity to tell my colleagues, “Jalo mat, muqabla karo!”


34 On successfully sliding the thread through the pot.

Come on! It takes a special kind of talent to be this bad at something!


But, Lavanya took my challenge seriously. 39 She created an even more disastrous piece than mine. 40And I refer to her piece as disastrous because one look at it and you’ll be reminded of a tornado. Literally.

Enough said! I’ll let our expressions do the talking now.IMG_6451

Within our group was one sly person. Pallav, the shutterbug, thought just because he had a camera, he was forbidden from getting his hands dirty.y7

Our response to his excuse: LOL!y1y4

These were our creations. Try not to judge us. *Covering eyes*y5

Before taking our leave, we made sure to click a picture with Ramesh, who is worthy of an Oscar for having so much patience in teaching us craft-illiterate souls!42

We walked out carrying our newspaper clad earthen pots and just like Mogambo, hum khush hue!y6

If you wish to enroll yourself for pottery-making or want to explore more such creative courses, visit Arch Academy’s website. Anddd if you wish to become the reason behind our ‘Happy Weekends’ and want to teach us something, invite our team by writing to us at

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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