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Jwala Gutta Comes Up With Her #MeToo Story, Says That She Was “Mentally Harassed”

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  •  October 10, 2018

The former Commonwealth Games gold medallist Jwala Gutta came up with her #MeToo story in a series of tweets on Tuesday. While she didn’t take any names or come up with any instances of sexual harassment, she said that the “mental harassment” that she went through comes under the ambit of #MeToo.

In the Twitter vent, Jwala reiterated her allegations of facing biased selection process. “Maybe I should talk about the mental harassment I had to go through…#metoo,” she wrote. She then wrote about the much talked about feud with chief national coach P Gopichand and how he deliberately ignored the doubles while concentrating only on the singles players.

While she didn’t mention him by name, Jwala shared how the chief national coach “threw” her out of the national team “in spite of me [her] being a national champion.” Here’s the tweet where she explained what exactly happened:


She also accused the chief coach of threatening and harassing her partner and “isolating” her in every manner. “I was just thrown out of the team,” she wrote. 


Jwala also claimed that almost everyone in the sports fraternity, including the Sports Ministry, knew what was being done to her and yet no actions were taken against it.

Gutta Jwala on Twitter

@jignesh_ac Lol ministry n SAI know everything!!


Jwala’s testimony has indeed opened new avenues for #MeTooIndia where women can come forward with their experiences of harassment, both sexual and mental, and talk about times when they were at the receiving end of unjust treatment because of their gender.

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