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Ayushi Agarwal

IWB Blogger

Job Disparity Between Men And Women Widen In India

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  •  November 20, 2015


In India, things are changing for the better, but the rise seems to be very rocky and slow. Two steps forward, three steps back.

Presently in India, the number of women in ministerial positions in the past year from 9% to 22%, and climbed six spots to rank 108th among 145 countries, according this year’s World Economic Forum report which assesses the gender gap between men and women.

However, in terms of providing economic opportunities to women, India is at its lowest point since WEF started measuring the gender gap in 2006.

In Economic Participation and Opportunity, India has slipped five places to 139 out of 145, with the gender gap wider in this category than it was ten years ago.

According to the report, “Economic Participation and Opportunity has declined due to a decrease in wage equality for similar work and less female labour force participation, placing the country third-lowest in the region,”

The report finds that more equal female representation in political bodies positively affects the participation of women in the workforce, and women in positions of power make better decisions than men.

The report ranks countries in four categories: Political Empowerment, Health and Survival, Educational Attainment, Economic Participation and Opportunity.

“The Index is designed to measure gender-based gaps in access to resources and opportunities in countries rather than the actual levels of the available resources and opportunities in those countries. We do this in order to make the Global Gender Gap Index independent from the countries’ levels of development.” – Global Gender Gap Report 2015

While India has moved up in the political category, which improves its overall ranking, it is nearly at the bottom of the heap on the economic and health fronts.

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