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JLF Took JWB To The Lands Of Queen Victoria & Sita On Day 2

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  •  January 20, 2017


On day 2 of JLF, our team gained insight into the life of Queen Victoria through the biography by A.N. Wilson and understood one of the most powerful Indian goddesses, Sita through the writings of authors Arshia Sattar and Volga (Popuri Lalita Kumari).

Session: Uttara Kanda: Searching Sita

Arshia Sattar, author of Uttara: A Book of Answers, and Volga, author of The Liberation of Sita, read excerpts from their books to explain their interpretation and understanding of Sita.

While Volga explored the relationship between Sita and Ahalya, Sage Gautama Maharishi’s wife, Arshia spoke about Ram’s realization of his own divinity after he left Sita. Jaipur literature Festival 2017

On being asked about why people do not talk about Laxman’s wife, Urmila, Volga responded, “People only know that Urmila slept for 14 years, I have dedicated one of my writings entirely to Urmila. I explained that while sleeping, she was actually traveling in her mind in search of power. Also, I believe that Urmila was the real prisoner in all of it and she is the one who played an important role in liberating Sita.”

Session: A Review Of Victoria: A Life

It was yet another very interesting session at JLF Day 2. Despite being conducted right after lunch, A.N. Wilson left the audience wanting to know more and more about the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.Jaipur Literature Festival

After having spent many years thinking and reading about Queen Victoria, A.N. Wilson shared with the audience insights of the biography, Victoria: A Life:

“She was a frightening person to meet. She was a very tactile person who immensely loved and hugged animals. She was always way ahead of her time. For me, she was absolutely colorblind and had no sense of racism. This being the reason she was completely baffled throughout her life.”

“But she was politically a very aware person.”

When asked if Queen Victoria had any control over the political system?

A.N. Wilson replied, “No. She had no influence over the political situation at all. In fact, what was clever about her was that she realized she had no control.”

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