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  •  January 22, 2014

The fourth day of Jaipur Literature Festival was marked by sporadic bursts of sunshine and consequently, more bare arms and less shivering all around. The crowd, noise, excitement and energy seem to only increase as we near the end of this year’s session. Fittingly, the dates of next year’s event – 21 to 25 January 2015  -were announced on fourth day. 


At the session titled ‘Each Other’s Stories’, Ekta Kapoor shared a lot about her personal as well as professional life. Talking about self-image, Ekta also said, “I don’t need to live up to others’ expectations. The day you will start thinking about what people think about you, you will be finished. Your wings will be clipped.” She continued, “My name starts with an ‘e’ which stands for entertainment, effective and engaging.”



But  she is controversial enough to get people shout “Ekta Kapoor murdabad” shouting. Yes, that happened during the Jaipur Lit Festival’s session with her. There were representatives from a Rajput Sabha who wanted to show their resentment against the ”Jodha Akbar” venture of Ekta Kapoor.

Music evenings at Jaipur Literature festival are fun. If you are a delegate, they are fun and foodilicious both.



Sonam Kalra and her team has done a splendid job, and their event showed exemplary team effort at play.



The Grammy award-winning band Tinariwen performed in the evening. They are from Mali and perform around the world. Whenever they are on stage, they win scores of new fans who struggle to find their minds after their do that has blown them over.

By Anshu Harsh, Owner & Publisher, Simply Jaipur

Special Thanks for photos to Somendra Harsh.

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