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Jameela Jamil Calls Out Nonsense Judgement That Says Women Can’t Have Hair On Their Body

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  •  February 9, 2019

Shaving, waxing, tweezing our eyebrows- this is what a girl learns to do from a very young age to live up to the beauty standards that decide whether she is worthy of being called beautiful or not.

Fed up with this nonsense, British actor and activist Jameela Jamil, 32, recently posted a picture of herself where her arm hair are clearly visible, leading to a massive discussion on Twitter. She shared that her arm hair has always been “photoshopped out”, but in a campaign image for Aerie, a clothing brand, this did not happen.

Jameela Jamil on Twitter

Hello arm hairs. You used to always be photoshopped out. Nice to see you again. Because you’re a normal and fine thing to have. 👍🏽

“Hello arm hairs,” she tweeted. “Nice to see you again. Because you’re a normal and fine thing to have.”

Many women responded to her tweet, sharing how they feel the same and had never even noticed the missing hair on the arms of models as they had been conditioned to find their presence wrong.

Hannahॐ on Twitter

@jameelajamil I love this! I remember going through a phase of being really self conscious about my arm hair because I never saw anyone else with it in magazines etc so it’s amazing that now some young girls will grow up seeing normal things like this on female bodies!

HandsOffVenezuela 🌹 ⌛ on Twitter

@_hannahf @jameelajamil As non-american, i thought american women didn’t have arm hair and only us Mediterranean folk were cursed with them cause I never saw any arm hair in magazines or movies

nicole on Twitter

@jameelajamil Thank you jameela!! I was hand wrestling a guy in middle school and everyone made fun of me because they “couldn’t tell” which arm was mine vs his because of the hair. I weirdly liked my arm hair until then. Anyway, things like this are important!!

Squirrel Girl on Twitter

@jameelajamil One of the critical comments that has stayed with me for almost 25 years…someone asking why I don’t shave my arms because they’re apparently hairier than normal. TWENTY. FIVE. YEARS. One comment. They stick.

Morgan Jarrett on Twitter

@jameelajamil I remember seeing an Argentinian Avon catalog as a kid, and being astounded at all their hair. I’d been shaving my arm hair because all the girls in school were. Even with my delicate blond hairs, I still felt I had to. But not after seeing the Argentinian women!

Annaleisha on Twitter

@glittermagazine @jameelajamil @BusyPhilipps @Aerie It’s significant, helpful and health for body hair to be normalised because it is normal. Thank you.


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