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Jaipur’s Priti Bhandari Is Among The 60 Women On UN Empower Women Website

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  •  October 15, 2015


Few days back, we read about an interesting Jaipur-based woman in the dailies. What caught our attention was the fact that her name is enlisted among the top 60 women across the world on the United Nations’ official Empower Women website. Of course, our curious instincts couldn’t rest in peace after reading that… and thereby followed a meeting with Priti Bhandari.

A bubbly and chirpy person by nature, she pleasantly welcomed us in her office, though, the big fat books and files gave us the chills.

Probably gauging our thoughts, she said…

Priti: I am a CS by profession and I have also studied and practised law for 3 years.

JWB: And that perfectly explains this room! Tell us more about yourself.

Priti: *Smiles* I am born and bred in Jaipur. I am married, and have two sons. I work from home, am passionate about photography, and am strongly sensitized towards gender equality and women empowerment.

JWB: Yes, we’ve recently heard about your selection amongst the top 60 women across the world on the United Nations’ official Empower Women website. When and how did that happen?4

Priti: The general situation of women in our society isn’t very impressive. Women are laden with so many restrictions and taboos. This issue is something that has always been very close to my heart. But ever since the Nirbhaya case happened, I haven’t been able to sleep in peace. I’ve had this fire in my belly that urges me to do something towards the betterment of women.

We listened to her attentively while she continued…6


Priti: … So, I started doing research work, prepared notes, and wrote papers. Sometime after that, I came across the UN website They were hosting an online championship wherein they invited women empowerment ideas from women across the world. There were approximately 600 plus applications post filtering, among which 60 were selected. Mine was one of them.

JWB: That is great! So, what was your idea of women empowerment?10

Priti: As I was saying, with the prevailing scenario, we can foresee a disturbed society. So, I believe that we need to train the reflexes of people right from the beginning, when they are at a very tender age, so that women empowerment gets embedded deep within their systems. This is just like the famous saying, ‘Teach a kid and you don’t need to teach an adult.’

We completely agree!14

Priti: … And it is not only women who need to be trained and taught about empowerment and their rights. More than them, I think it is the boys who need to learn right from the beginning that women are not inferior to them and deserve equal opportunities.

JWB: Absolutely! Equal opportunities in terms of education, employment, and …17

Priti: And equal treatment! Take for example the attitudes towards working women. You know, a study reveals that when women earn, they invest 95% of their income in their family. And also, imagine the increase in nation’s GDP if all of its women start working and if there is enough economic motivation for them! By restricting women, we are restricting half of our population of potential workers.

JWB: What is your plan of action to bring about gender equality?19

Priti: Like I said, I want to inculcate these values in little children so that they grow up to be better individuals. There needs to be a mental awakening. For that, I am targeting primary schools. I have also tied up with some to introduce an audio-visual element in the form of videos to bring about gender equality.

25I am currently in the process of assembling a team of experienced people. We will be launching into the field sometime in December. And if everything goes well, we will also conduct workshops.

JWB: That is lovely! Does the UN website extend monetary support to the selected top 60 people?

Priti: No. They follow digital advocacy. They assist us, provide mentorship through digital campaigning, webinars, etc.

JWB: So how will you manage funds for your proposed idea?26

Priti: I will put in my savings. Other than that, I’ve recently done a course on Crowdfunding. So, probably I will devise a way to gather funds.

A big thumbs-up to her optimistic spirit!

JWB: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Priti: My grandfather-in-law was a huge source of inspiration to me. Even though we live in a big traditional joint family, he never imposed any sort of restrictions on us. He was Chief Justice at the High Court. In fact, it was he who motivated me to learn and practice criminal law.

JWB: And what do you do when you are not practicing CS, law, and women empowerment?24

Priti: *Chuckles* I indulge in photography. I have a dslr. I like to capture wildlife, expressions and other abstract things.

JWB: And today you’re on the other side of the camera lens!

But, we must say that you are quite photogenic, Priti!

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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