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Jaipur Women’s Interiors: At Sangeeta Agarwal’s Home

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  •  January 15, 2015


If we could, we would live in a tree house. The smell of wood and leaves can pep up anyone’s senses.

Close to nature is Mrs Sangeeta Agrawal’s home. With lots of earthly tones, wooden floor and plants in the house, her home managed to attract us. In this article, we bring to you our conversation with the home-maker learning how to make a living space ‘close to Mother Nature’.


JWB – Hello, Sangeeta. We’ve got to know your daughter, Tanushree, is here too. Since she is a graduate of the Product Designing, today we are all set to gather lots of home-décor information from the mother-daughter.

Sangeeta – We’re ready.

Sangeeta with daughter Tanushree

Sangeeta with daughter Tanushree

JWB – So tell us, what is your home for you?

Tanushree– For me, it is a Holiday place.

Sangeeta – A Temple, because I like to keep it clean. I mean, very clean.

JWB – Is it necessary for women to have her own sacred place at home where nobody is allowed?


Sangeeta – It is.

JWB – Do you have any such place?

Sangeeta – Come upstairs, and I will show you that corner of the living room where all my books are kept.



DSC_0113 DSC_0114


Sangeeta took us to her beautiful wooden room where colorful floor cushions were spread to give it a more lively touch. At one corner, it was her TV and books collection.

JWB – And such a nice view of the green garden!


Sangeeta – This is also my favorite place in the house.

Tanushree– She loves being here in the afternoons.

JWB – Which modification in the house are you proud of?


Sangeeta – The newly-built temple on the stairs. The stairs have no railing, and this space had been vacant since long. So now, we have kept here two idols which are visible to us when we come upstairs.

Tanushree– With all the garden motifs, it has that look.


JWB – We agree. Tanushree, what is your role in the décor of this home since you come here only few times a year?

Tanushree– I am the critic.

JWB – No surprise, kids are always like this.

Tanushree– So whenever I come home during college vacations, I see a change somewhere. If I don’t like it, I tell them.


JWB – And?

Tanushree– They change it!

JWB – Woman’s power!! Sangeeta, is it quite often that you do modifications?


Sangeeta – Not really, but we (my husband and I) keep adding new items like putting up new paintings, cushions or plants, and at times, we change arrangements too.

JWB – What is the contribution of your husband?

Sangeeta – To be honest, he is being gifted with the creative mind. Look at this small table in the corner. It was actually a dining chair, the back part of which has been put down as another slab.


JWB – That is quite mindful. Let us talk about the color patterns in the decor.

Tanushree– Our basic idea was to put lots of earthen tones around. You can see the beige walls, golden curtains, brown floor and furniture. And to balance all this, we have put a riot of colors in the form of cushions, paintings and other decorative items.

DSC_0135 DSC_0168



JWB – A strong base of earthen hues is really helping pop these colors out. This is the X-factor of your home! Now we want to know the places from where you shop.

Sangeeta – It is mostly from Delhi and City exhibitions.


Tanushree– We make full use of the Forex exhibition every year. You find some beautiful pieces of handicrafts there, that too at pocket-friendly prices.

Sangeeta – True. Also, we keep collecting small souvenirs while traveling.

Tanushree– Small? Once mom brought tall decorative plants from Delhi in train! Everyone was looking at us. Duh.


Everyone laughed.

JWB – What else have you collected from travels?


Sangeeta – These two musicians on the table, that tribal human-motif table, few paintings and things like that.


JWB – Ah, the art!

DSC_0181 DSC_0184

Have you loved Sangeeta’s home? Tell us your inputs in the comments below!

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