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Jaipur Women Are Rocking At The Phuhaar Utsav! Have You Visited Yet?

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  •  September 21, 2015


Witnessing Monday blues, people? Take yourselves and your senses out for a treat, just like we did, by visiting Phuhaar Utsav, a lifestyle exhibition in Jaipur. It is being hosted at KK Square from 21st-23rd September.

We visited the exhibition this morning just an hour after it started and like all shopping places, there was an animated excitement in the atmosphere. People barging in; stall owners, most of which were women, shuffling their products on display; colors, so many of them, all around in the forms of sarees, cushion covers, apparels, etc.; and bling, a lot of bling, in shape of earrings, shimmering head bands, and other cool accessories, which caught our eye.12047093_1040343742665552_7645235271278710259_n

Such was the ambience and excited were we to chat with the vibrant ladies behind the stalls, and of course for our window shopping spree. We’re girls after all!

Anyway, amidst our little tour around the place, guess who we bumped into? Neha Sharma, the art and craft entrepreneur we chatted with sometime back! 1Remember her quilling and origami pieces? Visit her stall in case you want to grab some. She showed us around her hand-made products ranging from bookmarks to trunks to photo-frames to paintings!4

Apoorva fell in love with a doughnut bookmark and wasn’t ready to let go of it.6

Meanwhile, I strolled down the aisle and stopped just after a few seconds, as a stunning painting caught my attention. I spoke to Mukta Basandani, the lady at the stall, and discerning my inquisition, she kindly informed me that it wasn’t a painting but a rangoli.9 Also, she told me that they are teaching how to make such rangolis at this 3-day long exhibition for a price of Rs. 1000.11986421_1040343792665547_1238958386719926926_n

Mukta is an entrepreneur who exercises her creativity on glass bottles and glasses in varied colorful ways. My eyes were glued to the intriguing and fun stuff on the display. 14She added, “I work from home because my daughter is very young and needs me. I receive bulk orders, customization orders, and I operate online too!”12

It was a feast for the eyes witnessing such enigmatic and lively women displaying their creativity with so much fondness! JWB loves women like these who are on an expedition to shine and conquer the world!

Visit the exhibition today, tomorrow, and day-after at KK Square, Prithviraj Road, C-scheme, Jaipur, to make your mind, heart andddd shopping bag happy!

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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