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Jaipur Girls Poly & Lisa Take JWB Around Sudhir Mathur’s House

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  •  June 30, 2015

Women, are you ready to invite next Jaipur man on the blog to give us few home décor tips? After all, right interiors and decoration is an art and has nothing to do with one’s gender.

A royal home is one that offers modern comforts with relaxed living space. Not to forget the green spaces around. Living in a big city and having a home like this seems a dream for most of us.

Jaipur’s socialite Sudhir Mathur’s lavish yet thoughtfully designed & decorated home is a place we all can take inspiration from. He won’t mind if we steal an idea or two.

Beginning from the Drawing Room, Sudhir has given major importance to gold shades. Starting right from the curtains, photo frames to motifs on the sofa and even carpet; the room has its own decadent feel. _MG_9805

Can you see how the cushion motifs and hanging paintings make the perfect mix of Arabic and Indian art?_MG_9825

The two king-size thrones at the corner are Sudhir’s favorite. “I didn’t really plan the room. I kept collecting things that caught my attention. The class comes when you know how to put all of this together,” explains Sudhir.

While Lisa enjoys on the sofa, Poly prefers Sudhir's lap

While Lisa enjoys on the sofa, Poly prefers Sudhir’s lap

Going upstairs is the beautifully executed Living Space where the golden glitters are dominating._MG_9625
Sudhir remarks, “This place has been completely revamped by me. I gave a little makeover to the family inherited furniture using some quirk factor.” The vintage car motifs on the cushion covers are in fact quirky! _MG_9630
Sudhir remembers, “That painting of camels in the back is one of my favorites. My dear friend, late Jaya Wheaton did it. I’ve got many other artworks by her in the house.” _MG_9686a
Since the space is quite large, Sudhir has used the rest of the area for an open Bar-and-Dining Hall._MG_9640a
“I love throwing parties.”, quips Sudhir. “The space is big. While some are busy on the bar counter, rest can easily spread across living room and dining table area.”

And now, ladies and gentlemen, hold your horses. This is Sudhir’s awesome miniature liquor collection. We hope to get invited soon! _MG_9645a
Have you noticed how flowers play an important role in his home décor? Sudhir strongly believes that putting colorful flowers brings forth positive energy. Not to forget the mesmerizing fragrance. _MG_9653a
Aww…and see how he plays with his darling Lisa at his Bar-counter. The petite space has a European touch with the beautiful statues kept at both the corners of the counter. Don’t miss the painting behind! _MG_9658
And here’s another Barrel-shaped liquor bar! Gramophone kept above it establishes the right sense of visual hierarchy._MG_9673
Moving towards his Bedroom, see how simply the room has been done. “Because it’s my comfort space,” sighs Sudhir._MG_9742
Sudhir is a man who faithfully believes in letting out the child inside him. Love his adorable teddy-bear collection!_MG_9712
Who thought our old Puja room can look à la mode with this Indie wall-art!? _MG_9719
And just outside his Kitchen, he has given space for a Kitchen-garden and a small sitting arrangement. While having a hearty meal with family and friends, sitting on the relaxing cane chairs, having coffee and catching up is Sudhir’s one of the favorite pass-times. He says, “It’s peaceful here. It’s like recharging yourself on weekends.”_MG_9870
Sudhir’s Guest-room has our favorite Sakura art on the wall. High-five to his love for nature, flowers in particular! _MG_9797
And here’s another room for guests. No wonder he is a cherished socialite._MG_9880
Sudhir’s love for nature isn’t restricted to paintings depicting nature; let’s see how well his garden is blooming. Can you spot his bright smile while standing amidst his green plants? _MG_9920
He loves plants so much that he has maintains greenery even outside his home area. _MG_9936
After looking at Sudhir’s home, who can say a house without a woman is not a home? We are awestruck by the level of cleanliness here. All in all, we totally loved his European cum Indian styled home with sophisticated architectural/interior designs and refreshing scenic beauty. Doesn’t all this make a home enviable? 😉

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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