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Geetam Nokhwal – the 1st to make ‘Dream Catchers’ in Jaipur!

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  •  March 18, 2015


Meet Geetam Nokhwal. A 22 year old from Jaipur. She is a professional Crafter and Owner of the brand PAPERICA that means a bag of crafts. It’s an online store where you can find gifts for every occasion.

The kind of work she does.

I am a crafter and make customized handmade occasion gifting stuff – Dream catchers , Handmade Cards, albums, scrapbooks, wall hangings, Invites, Special Wedding cards, etc.


As a child my parents have always been an inspiration to me. They have inspired me to work hard and harder even in unsuitable situations. Most of my work is inspired by Mother Nature. I try to keep my work nature friendly by using recyclable materials like Jute and handmade paper. img-4Growth of business.

Today after a year of starting my brand PAPERICA, I feel it is going just as I dreamed. I want to take small steps, one at a time to reach the level of complete satisfaction.

Financial growth.

I really can’t tell about the financial status because it’s just the beginning, but yes PAPERICA is generating one satisfied amount of the revenue.

Crafting as a career! img-1

Crafting can definitely be taken up as a full time career option but one has to be very patient in terms of profits. People generally don’t believe in crafting as a good career option in India. I was being questioned too. But I was really confident at my end.

Customers’ response.

It really took time to get a pleasing response. I didn’t advertise anywhere. All I did was blogging and updating my Facebook and Instagram accounts about my new work. Gradually, people started responding with encouraging messages. img-2The Dream Catchers series is till now the most favorite among my customers. I even get orders to customize it. I have done few bulk orders of Dream catchers for favors and corporate gifting. Birthday invites are also popular these days.

Target audience.

Youngsters because they love gifting each other! Also, these wild and passionate people understand my art and appreciate it.


I aspire to have a physical store in Jaipur city very soon! I think it is going to be the first handmade occasion gift and home decor store. I am excited!img-3

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