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Ayushi Agarwal

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Jaipur Art Summit At JKK Made JWB Get Lost In Artistic Paradise

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  •  November 23, 2015


I wandered through the Jaipur Art Summit, held at Jawahar Kala Kendra on a bright Saturday afternoon. Quite apprehensively I stepped onto the pebbled stones that led the way, unsure as to what the event held. To my left ran a series of stalls holding books on Art and selling canvases of various sizes, which made me want to try my hand at painting.

The first “art attraction” that caught my eye was that of Vinay Sharma. His arena held a large number of abstract paintings, on small canvases. Although, I was unsure what the medium was, I immediately pictured a set of those 3 paintings hanging in some part of my home. The designs were eye-catching and somewhat interesting.

My excitement grew, and I continued on. Minutes later, I stood fixated in front of Arch Academy’s art stand. In one corner, a potter named Rajendra Mishra was expertly molding clay into beautiful vases and pots. Adjacent to that, the students of Arch Academy held an interesting art demonstration of “wood cut printing”, where they creatively carved designs onto blocks of wood through the use of wood carving tools. This was followed by a coating of special ink, used specifically for wood-cut printing. You press the colored-coated panel onto a paper, and voila!


I turned my head and saw a man painting on a piece of cloth. I felt like my attention was being grabbed by hundreds of things at the same time! The man had created natural dyes using tree roots and flowers, for producing beautiful designs free hand! His designs were exquisite and the intricacy was remarkable.




I journeyed on, forgetting all about the scorching sun. Next, there were an array of sculptures formed out of paper mache, made by Virendra Sharam from Pilai. They were quite interesting! We’ve all dabbled in paper-mache at one point of our lives. It was amazing to see how some people can turn ordinary things into extra-ordinary pieces of art!

Meanwhile behind me, a seminar on a particular Art topic came to a close. There was indeed something for everybody.

I peeled my eyes away from the live demonstrations, and made my way to a huge dome, where an art exhibition was being held. And then, I was lost.

Lost in the art.

Every canvas told a story, which I was determined to decipher. Splashes of vivacious colors adorned the frames, which took my breath away. I was surrounded by chaos, madness, vibrancy and stillness, all at the same time.


Oh, and I’ve found a new favorite artist too! Shelle Mustajab’s attention to detail and choice of colors, literally spoke to me. Even a strand of hair was painted with utmost diligence in the paintings. As a person, who encounters difficulties while drawing an apple, the paintings were sending me into a frenzy!


The setting sun forced me out the dome to explore more. Next, I encountered an elderly man, sitting in front of a huge canvas, drawing horses using charcoal. Mesmerizing.


I kept sneaking behind various other artists and observing them at work. The ease with which they were creating master-pieces was astounding.


Lastly, I came across a man white-washing a huge piece of wall, to later create graffiti upon it. How cool was that? I’d definitely have to go back to see how that has turned out!


When such amazing ideas, talents and artists come together, the show is bound to be a success. I suggest you to visit the Art Summit in the early afternoon, when you can catch a lot more than I could.

This 5-day Summit shall come to a halt on Wednesday 25th November. I would be visiting again super soon, and I suggest you do too! Do NOT miss it, even if art isn’t your cup of tea.

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