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Jayati Godhawat

IWB Blogger

IWB Salutes These 12 Women Who Are On Top Of The ‘Men’s’ Game

  • IWB Post
  •  April 20, 2017


Nowadays, women are gaining stronghold over the career fields which were, ‘the men’s job’ for long.

From becoming commando trainers to bartenders, Indian women are challenging the gender norms of the society at every level. And, we are loving it!

Here’s a list of 12 women who are slaying it in the ‘male-dominated’ world:


Seema Rao, India’s First Female Commando Trainer

“To be in a man’s world, a woman needs to be ready to shed blood, sweat and tears, not tears of helplessness but tears of triumph. You need to give it all of you.”

Seema Rao

Read the entire interview here.


Dhanya Menon, India’s First Woman Cyber Crime Investigator 

“My grandfather had once told me that “today, people know you as my granddaughter, but there will be a time when they will know me as your grandfather. It was like coming a full circle for us when during the years before he passed away, people would call him to tell about the work that I was doing as a cyber crime investigator and he wouldn’t stop raving about it.”

You can read the entire conversation here.


Rajani Pandit, India’s First Woman Detective

“This idea that a certain job can only be done by a woman or be done by a man never made sense to me. Once I got into this profession, saare males sideline ho gaye.”

Rajani Pandit, the 1st Woman detective of India, speaks to JWB about her work, love and life.

Read the full story here.


Bhakti Sharma, Sarpanch of Barkhedi Abdulla village, Bhopal

“When I got the news that the elections for the Barkhedi Sarpanch would be soon happening and that’s when I decided, “Ab toh sarpanch banana hi hai.” The idea of working at the grassroots level and helping the women was what motivated me to contest for the post.”


Read the full interview here.


Anam Hashim, Stunt Rider

“Well, I’d believe it’s both, in our country. I have been laughed off hell number of times. I am just 5’4 and I am very lean and petite. So yaa, a lot of people have laughed at me thinking A) I am a girl, and  B) I am short and too thin.”

img_1 (1)

Read the complete story here.


Ramita Choudhary, an Indian Airforce Pilot

“I was always fascinated by these green overalls, with that wing on that chest. And I couldn’t help admiring myself wearing those. In fact, when girls say ‘I want to marry a pilot,’ I say, just become one!”


Click here to read the entire conversation.


Major Deepika Rathore, First Indian Woman Officer to Climb Everest Twice

“Mountaineering in itself is a risky activity, so it is necessary that men and women go through the same training to mentally and physically strengthen themselves to fight against the weather, health issues and controlling their minds when they look at a corpse or the crevices.”

You can read the full interview here.


Nibha Namboodiri, First Female Mahout

“To me, feminism is about contributing as per my potential. My profession is largely patriarchal and male dominated; I use my position as a woman amongst men to talk about humane treatment and care for an animal. And, people listen.”

img_1 (3)

Read the full story here.


Ami Shroff, Bartender

“Though, dad would get worried quite often. You know how fathers are, right!  But irrespective, my parents always supported me. They are the ones who taught me the dignity of labor.”

Ami Shroff

Read the entire interview here. 


Anuradha Beniwal, National Chess Champion

“We are okay to say “chutiya” but we are embarrassed to say “vagina”. Women body parts are used as slangs, as abuses but not as a part of the regular conversation where it’s relevant. To say “my nipples hurt” or my “vagina is bleeding” is a big “haww-haww” but to say “teri maa ki ****” is okay.” We need to talk “normally” about our body parts to make them just body parts and nothing else. We need to have more dialogue.”


Click here to read the entire conversation.


Aarthi Sampath, Chef

“My journey has been tough as it is for any woman in a male dominated industry. I have been condemned, talked down to, dismissed. It has only made me stronger.”

Read the complete story here.


Esha Gupta, Bike Rider

“Don’t let baseless fears & rumors rule you until your instincts kick in.”


Read the full interview, here.

Happy Women’s day!

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