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Lavanya Bahuguna


It’s Pinkotober! Read Why These Students Are Making ‘Lemon Faces’ While Holding Lemon-Bras!

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  •  October 1, 2016


When life gives you lemons, give them to girls and let them draw boobs around them!

Didn’t like the word ‘boobs’? Are you making a weird face right now? Does it feels like a lemon?Most of us aren’t accustomed to hearing words like breasts, boobs, and vagina. Aren’t they our very own body parts, for god’s sake?

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month and is also known as Pinkotober. To spread a word, last year, we decided to join hands with the Arch Academy of Design. How? Read below!

The name of our campaign is ‘Lemon Face’ – mocking those who make lemon-like faces when they hear the word ‘breast.’ These people must understand that unless they don’t speak about the lady-parts to their girls, they will never understand the medical conditions like breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc.IMG_1888

Priyanka and I went to the ARCH Academy and asked 30 participating students to pour out their willful knowledge of fashion and art using lemons as motifs!

After picking two lemons each, they began fixing it on their white sheets. They were guided to cut two holes right in the middle of the sheet, representing their breasts, big enough to fit in the two lemons.

That's me!

That’s me!

All they were supposed to do now was to create a stylish bra/bralette/corset around these lemony-breasts using colors, ribbons, sequences, gota-patti, whatever you can lay hands on.

Can you spot their sheepish smiles after listening to the guidelines?IMG_1881

Priyanka announced in a thundering voice, “Now start already! You’ve got only 30 minutes.”

But this isn’t a competition. Is it?” confirmed Nupur, the photographer.IMG_1907

Priyanka, smiling wickedly, exclaimed, “Don’t you know every student needs a deadline? They can’t really function without that!”

Quickly, the girls brought out their pencils, colors, scissors and ‘whatever they could lay hands on’ from inside their life-size handbags.1

Check out how creative these girls were:

Few decided to show stone-work,


while others used the glittering sequences in all colors.


A few played with various fabrics to design their crop tops and bras!IMG_fab&tap

You gotta see this one. She did absolute magic with her water colors!IMG_1917I never knew a simple ball pen could be this majestic. Check out the work by these two girls:IMG_1948 IMG_sketch

Once they were done, we made them pose with the ‘breasts and bras,’ making lemon-faces. Enjoy the slide below to see their weird faces. In case you’re the one who often makes such faces in real life, I hope you get your message. Peace out.

Photo courtesy: Nupur Agarwal

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