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It’s Never Too Late To Start Working Towards Your Dream, Says Malini Agarwal AKA Miss Malini

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  •  March 12, 2019

Malini Agarwal, or as we know, Miss Malini, is the one behind India’s largest and most popular entertainment portal – Known for her unique way of interacting with the readers, she is counted among the most influential women in Indian media.

In a chat with Elle, she talked about her professional journey, the challenges she faced and how she learned that “it really is possible to carve a path that no one else has been on.”

On deciding to make a career in a field which was unexplored at the time

“It was scary—when it’s an unconventional path you don’t actually know where you’re going. There is no set agenda or a set trajectory where you can be sure. Entertainment blogging and influencing was a brand new industry which didn’t exist at the time—when I look back, I do feel proud to know that we kicked off an industry. We were there at the very beginning of it. At the same time venturing into this new space was exciting too. As it was new, there was no set formula or rules on how to blog so there was so much more room to explore creatively.”

On the challenges she faced

“Trying to get good writers on board when I was trying to grow my team was a challenge. Secondly, the digital landscape, especially in entertainment, wasn’t given that much respect initially. We had to really teach everyone from the consumer, to Bollywood, to brands, the value of blogging and the importance of influencers. That was one of the biggest challenges I faced. Other than having a solid group of friends, my support system came in the form of the people who consumed the blog. They were the ones who made it possible. For me, having that kind of support speaks volumes.”

On the best piece of advice she’s received

“Someone told me once, that don’t wish time away. The wealth of time is the most valuable currency in the world. Enjoy every moment.”

On the biggest lessons she has learned

“I think the biggest lesson I have learned is that it really is possible to carve a path that no one else has been on. That has been the biggest learning for me.”

On her advice to millennials who, like her, want to follow their passion

“There’s this amazing Japanese concept called Ikigai—the way to find your true purpose is by answering those four questions. Answer them with the things you’re passionate about and, at the centre. you will find your true calling. Remember, that passion isn’t something that you just have to blanket love everyday; it is something you love even when it’s hard to do. It’s never too late to start working towards your dream.”

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