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Is Your Laddo On Your Nameplate?

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  •  July 6, 2015

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s #SelfieWithDaughter campaign, the next new thing in town, or should I say, the next new thing in village is the ‘Digital India with Laddo’ initiative.

On Sunday, the Bibirpur panchayat in Haryana launched a campaign to replace the name of heads of the family on the nameplates with that of the daughter’s name.

“The representatives would visit every home in Jind and convince people to replace names of the head of the house with that of their daughters,” said panchayat sarpanch Sunil Jaglan, who made the first move by setting an example himself. About 30 houses took part in the campaign on Sunday and did the needful.

What followed next was a story-writing competition for women and girls on how using a mobile phone changed their lives. The top three partakers won cash prize of Rs. 25000, Rs. 15000 and Rs. 10000 respectively.

Also, the village panchayat takes the duty of bearing the expenses for changing nameplates.

Empowering your daughters, the digital way! A news that just made my day!

I think the Jaipur households should also embrace this campaign soon. It would sure be a pleasant sight to see XYZs & Daughters in place of the usual and boring XYZs & Sons! Yes. That was the feminist in me speaking. She says hi!

On a serious note, kudos to you rural folks! Encore!

Tell us what’s on your nameplate? Or actually, who’s on your nameplate?

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