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  •  February 13, 2014


In this so called digital age, technology is often seen as a bare-minimum form of communication. It’s fine for keying up Friday night dinner plans, but for conveying heartfelt emotions? Naah!

It’s no more exactly the romanticized version of a momentous meeting, wherein you find your soul mate at coffee shop or in line for a movie matinee. Those really romantic scenarios are kind of diluted nowadays. There was a time when finding a date was more of a natural process. Whether you were introduced to a prospective partner through a friend, you met someone at work or you simply approached someone to show your interest.


NEWS FLASH: You had love letters.

On the flipside these days we often text instead of speaking, use Facebook instead of having face-to-face discussions and too casual digital proposal with the same speed as it takes to order a pizza. Convenient? Sure it is. Fortunately or unfortunately but for many young couples, it isn’t killing romance. In fact it’s redefining what romance looks like.

 There was a time when rom-coms were a source of ideas to impress your love interest. But the ideas flow other way round nowadays: “things could’ve been totally solved if he took out his cell phone, or just messaged her on Facebook”,” Wait, why isn’t he just calling her instead of running behind her in the hallway?”

Although meeting in person will always be essential, the concept of romance has evolved to the point where weeks of instant messaging or e-mailing can plant seeds of a relationship. There are couples who rely on Skype and e-mail to nurture their long-distance relationship. The strange part is, from the beginning their courtship is carried out through digital means. Keeping e-mails and texts as mementos (some of which might unfortunately get erased), eating together on Skype are some of the lovely efforts that couples make to give their virtual dating a real-world backbone. And they think – “It’s really romantic.”


‘Have you got Facebook? , ‘Your BBM pin?’, ‘Tweet me’ are not uncommon to hear upon meeting someone new and indeed it is the new ‘wooing’.

But everything comes with a cost. For example, you can’t use the excuse ‘I was too busy to take out time to meet you’ or ‘I didn’t get time to reply to your message’ when everyone can see you’ve been actively updating your twitter feed, last seen at on Watsapp and online on other similar modes. (lol) It would not be wrong to say that communication has killed romance. In fact it has aloof the ‘thrill of the chase’. The ‘affection and fragrance of the love note’ has been replaced by sweeping 140-character tweet. And not to forget how the ‘red roses’ are gifted by the delivery man from that online shopping portal.

Things just don’t end with committed singles but married love birds are as well infected. Far too often we see couples chatting animatedly on their phones and unintentionally ignoring each other. Technically may be technology isn’t killing romance but undeniably it’s harming it, certainly, or at least the way people use it is causing a great deal of damage to the beautiful emotion called love. You know, it’s important not to forget about romance. After all, that’s what we’re looking for, isn’t it? The idea is that maybe for a change you log off and continue your relationship offline – in the real world. It may surprise you!

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