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  •  April 28, 2014


She is the only lady in Jaipur who was visited and blessed by Mother Teresa and was awarded “Citation” by Honorable Pope for her selfless services towards Humanity. She is an Educator who has taught in the prestigious Saint Xavier School and an active Social Worker even at the age of 86 years. Today, she takes care of the elderly residents of “Avedna Ashram” at Santokba Durlabhji hospital. With her smile, warmth and love, she is embraced by everyone. For her, peace lies in the happiness of others.

Meet Miss Fancis, a woman who did not marry for the fulfillment of her great goal – to spread love and humanity. Read the conversation Ruby Khan, Jaipur Women Blog Journalist, had with this Lady, blessed with Solitude.


Ruby: We want to know more about you, Miss Fancis.

Miss Fancis: My ancestors probably came from France, that’s why we are called Francis. We were a family of three sisters and one brother. I used to teach in Saint Xavier School for 36 years. After my retirement, I decided to spend all my time serving humanity.

Ruby: And what brought you to this desire?

Miss Fancis: I decided to dedicate my life to God and to serve humanity as a worldly Nun, by worldly I mean I was working as a teacher and earning to run a family and also to help the needy. I did not confine myself. I have visited 11 countries in my quest to acquire the vision, enlightment and learn how and what more can I do help people while crossing the limitations of caste, creed, colour, nationality. I understood one truth that everyone is God’s creation and is equal and beautiful in the eyes of God. In the initial years we use to run a primary school called “Infant Jesus” in our house but after the death of my brother I felt the wastefulness of accumulating money and decided to shut down the school. Then Rashmikant Durlabhji, who was my brother’s friend and class mate, asked me to be a part of the “Avedna Ashram” for the old and needy which he was setting in his Santokba Durlabhji hospital campus. I felt as if God was giving me a chance to serve his children overlooked and destitute. All these years I have been talking to people and trying to make them understand that if God has given us pain, he will cure it too. I feel happy while they are happy.

Ruby: Why didn’t you marry? All this could happen even while you were married!

Miss Fancis: After the untimely death of my father, I was left as the only earning member of my house, since my brother was just 8 years old. Humanity begins at home and thus I decided not to get married and look after my family. My mother was very worried and upset on my stubbornness about marriage and used to show me prospective grooms every now and then. But as I was surrounded by the enlightened environment of Priests and Nuns of Sophia, I chose to become a Nun and serve the needy. I’ve been around the world serving and learning universal vision. On a lighter note – which husband would’ve done that for me?

Miss Fancis smiled as she said this, and Ruby felt a warm smile she is famous for.

Ruby: Tell me about your experience when Mother Teresa came to meet you.

Miss Fancis: We offered our house for Mother Teresa charity to establish a free medicine distribution centre and teaching centre to teach stitching. This service was for free to the poor ladies so that they could become self-dependent. While on her visit to Jaipur, Mother Teresa came to know about us and decided to bless us with her visit. It was an experience beyond explanation. It was something where you just live in that moment and words fall short of describing it.

Ruby: It is a beautiful experience. Would you give any message for the readers of Jaipur Women Blog?

Miss Fancis: There are two things in life – need and greed. If you have enough to fulfill your need why do you need to accumulate more? This is greed. My motto is – do what you can do from where you are. You do not have to go anywhere to help someone; if you want to do help you can do it from right where you are.

Ruby: Thank you so much, Miss Fancis for giving us your time and talking to JWB.

Miss Fancis ended the conversation with her smile. We can never get enough of it.

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