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Interview with Apurvi Chandela: Utmost for the Highest

  • IWB Post
  •  August 29, 2014


She is a quiet girl with rock hard determination and who believes in one quote  – Our utmost for the highest. She aimed for the highest and hit her Bull’s-eye. Recently, she’s made India proud by winning Gold at the 2014 Commonwealth Games held at Glasgow in 10 meter Air Rifle event. Her list of accolades is big. In the past, she has won Gold medal in the Senior National Championship in 2012, her first year in the senior circuit. In March 2014, she won four medals at the 35th Inter shoot Championships at the The Hague in the Netherlands.

Apurvi Chandela, our very own Jaipur Girl, shone her golden light and dazzled the world with her shots and now aims for the Olympic Gold.


We stole a few moments from Apurvi’s busy schedule before her departure to Delhi:

JWB – What has been your biggest hurdle while performing in CWG 2014?

Apurvi: The biggest hurdle came when 5 days before the event I had a hairline fracture in my foot. I was at bed rest and couldn’t stand. The team of doctors at Glasgow was very supportive and did their best so that I could play. When I was standing there I told myself – ‘Focus on the target’. And the rest is history by God’s grace.

JWB – And your biggest support during all this?

Apurvi: My biggest help were my parents, especially my mother. She accompanied me throughout the sessions and had been my pillar of strength always.

JWB – Talk more about your mother.

Apurvi: My mother’s support has a major role in shaping me as a sportsperson. Between being a wife and handling her home, she was always there during my tours and other events. She tends to sit behind me during my training and this makes me feel she is backing me. How could I do all this without her, I cannot imagine.

JWB – Often Indian players complain about the inadequate facilities provided to them. Your say?

Apurvi: I am satisfied as I have a good coach. But I prefer doing my training at home because there I can prepare as much as I want to.

JWB – Indian parents take sports as a hobby and not career. What is your case?

Apurvi: Wrong. Times have changed and talking about my parents, they have never forced me to study while I was focused on my game. They wanted me to grow the way I had planned. For them, my self-development is more important and my prime focus is on that right now.

JWB – India is proud of you. How do you feel when aspiring girls and boys come up to you and say you are their role model?

Apurvi: I myself was inspired by someone – Abhinav Bindra. I started shooting after watching him win the gold in the Olympics. How humble of people who look up to me and get inspired! I feel so good to be someone else’s inspiration. My message for them is to just aim for the highest, do whatever it takes to get there and don’t be afraid of the hard work.

Few quick questions.

JWB – Your Hobbies.

Apurvi: Apart from Shooting, it’s Basketball.

JWB – Your Favourite clothing style(s).

Apurvi: Poshak (the Rajput attire)

JWB – Unforgettable moment.

Apurvi: When I stood first with Gold medal and saw the beautiful Indian flag flying high with National anthem echoing at Common wealth games medal ceremony 2014. This sight filled my heart with pride and eyes with tears of pride for my nation.

JWB – Favourite food.

Apurvi: Definitely, Indian.

JWB – Aiming at?

Apurvi: Olympic Gold.

JWB – Apurvi in one word.

Apurvi: Quiet

By Ruby Khan,

JWB Journalist

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