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#InstaLove for these female artists!

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  •  June 11, 2015


These talented women illustrators use social media to make a change, to set ablaze revolution in minds, and to tell badass truth. Their sword is pencil and brush. JWB follows the hail of these amazing illustrators on instagram. Click your turn now!

1. Ambivalently Yours

This girl draws powerful words that you can use as your feminist mantras.


A photo posted by Ambivalently Yours (@ambivalentlyyours) on

2. Maria-Ines Gul

She shows amazing beauty of women’s body and women’s mind in just few lines.

A photo posted by Maria-Ines Gul (@mariainesgul) on

3. Sarah Rimington

For fantastic colors and patterns in her women’s portraits that tell entire stories!

4. Jenny Knifefight

Follow this artist for her unbound imagination and all the cuteness.


A photo posted by Jenny Zych (@jennyknifefight) on

5. Ginevra Mandelli

She shows how insightful woman’s hair can be.

Before summer

A photo posted by Ginevra Mandelli (@ginginx) on

6. Tuesday Bassen

We wish her to draw women-centric cartoons. Hey, Disney, can you hear?

Getting used to this new fancy brush pen in the airport.

A photo posted by Tuesday Bassen (@tuesdaybassen) on

7. Frida Wannerberger

Her portraits are just beautiful!

#johntenniel minded! #fashionillustration #aliceinwonderland #victorian

A photo posted by Frida Wannerberger (@fridawannerberger) on

8. Josephine Demme

Curious and thought-provoking.

A photo posted by JOS (@fag_prince) on

9. Rebekah

Share your rebellion spirit with this artist!

conflict of interests

A photo posted by rebekah (@birdbonez) on

10. Charlotte Molas

Discover femininity in pop culture.

Salut la mode#charlottemolas #jlo#metgala#fashion#simple

A photo posted by Charlotte Molas (@charlottemolas) on

11. Amber McCall

Follow this artist to rethink your girl power and its applications!

A photo posted by Amber McCall (@thunderpuss) on

Share your favorite artists you follow on instagram. And yes, do follow JWB too. 

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