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Instagram Poet Leticia Sala Shares Her Thoughts On Being A Woman In The 21st Century

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  •  April 12, 2019

In these past few years, there has been a rise of ‘Instagram Poets’. Some criticise them for not being ‘real’ poets and others laud them for their work. Regardless of how one might feel about them, these people are here to stay. Their words reach and impact thousands of readers every day. “It is a shame that Insta-poets are so heavily criticised today. It seems to me that it is the literary world that is most strongly opposed to this ‘novel’ approach, but I believe that the poetry that comes from social media platforms is the purest out there. It hasn’t been edited, or corrected by anyone; it is raw and honest. I think it is brave and genuine, and I think that is why [poetry] resonates so much more now,” says Leticia Sala in an interview with Vogue.

A law graduate from Spain, Leticia used to work for the UN before she started posting poetry on her Instagram page back in 2015. Sharing one’s work online is an extremely difficult thing to do because sharing intimate feelings with an anonymous public leaves one vulnerable. But getting to connect with her readers and them relating to her work is the best feeling ever, says Leticia.

i often think about this poem

897 Likes, 14 Comments – 🌊ETICIA SALA (@leti.sala) on Instagram: “i often think about this poem”

In one of her poems, Leticia writes about pursuing oneself and is of the opinion that, “pursuing is the constant discovery of ourselves and ultimately a genuine acceptance of what we find.” And in another one of her posts, she brings up the issue of how emotional sex can be for some and says, “Sometimes sexual intercourse can release emotions through the loss of tension after orgasm or after very intense closeness with someone special. Sometimes it happens when the relationship is on bad terms. I thought it would be good to raise this topic and be open about it.”

She’s also written a book called ‘Scrolling After Sex’, a compilation of everything she’s written till date and deals with various different subjects such as sadness, sex, being a woman, etc. About why she considers sadness important, Leticia says, “Sadness is such a powerful creative force. Facing sadness and making something out of it is the only way I know to turn bad experiences into something more meaningful and useful for other people. It’s a way to transcend our own experience.”

✨h🔥y✨ madrid 19:30 en @elimparcialmadrid 💓💓💓💓💓

282 Likes, 11 Comments – 🌊ETICIA SALA (@leti.sala) on Instagram: “✨h🔥y✨ madrid 19:30 en @elimparcialmadrid 💓💓💓💓💓”

Her book also deals with the struggles that women in the 21st century have to deal with and is of the opinion that ultimately women are just looking for freedom, freedom to be able to become the woman they want to be, freedom to choose any kind of lifestyle, freedom to choose their own beliefs. She feels, however, that there is still so much to do before this becomes a reality. Women still feel conflicted between the traditional roles placed on them and their own desires, and balancing between motherhood and a career is one thing that she fees the most conflicted about.

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