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Inspired By ‘Dangal’, Reality Show Star Shekinah’s Father Gets Her Admitted To All Boys’ School

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  •  April 11, 2018

The Voice Kids finalist Shekinah Mukhiya, in an interesting turn of events, is all set to join the all-boys’ Col Brown Cambridge School in Dehradun.

The 11-year-old singing prodigy and reality show star stole everyone’s heart through her talent. Despite the success, things went downhill for her when her school refused to promote her to class 7 owing to a lack of attendance.

Shekinah was studying in class 6 at St. Thomas College when she made the cut for the TV reality show The Voice Kids. She made a commendable impression during the show and made it to the finals. While she garnered much appreciation and love, she gradually lost attendance.

Her school, however, remained unmoved by the name made by her and refused to promote her from class 6 to 7 citing the low attendance as the reason. Consequently, Shekinah’s parents who are both teachers at the all-boys’ Col Brown Cambridge School approached the school management.

While her own school refused to budge, Col Brown’s made a happy exception and opened its door to the talented girl. “I will wear a white shirt with green stripes and dark green pants like the boys at school,” said Shekinah as she talked about the only compromise that she would have to make in lieu of the exception made for her.

The school has been more than accommodating in other aspects though. She has been granted the permission to stay on campus along with her parents. She has also been provided access to the staff washrooms as the rest of them have been designed for boys.

Absolutely unfazed by the idea of joining an all-boys’ school the girl is elated at the development. She said, “I am just happy. I want to be a singer and I also want to complete my studies on time.”

Vikas Mukhiya, Shekinah’s father shared how Amir Khan-starrer ‘Dangal’ inspired him to approach an all-boys school for his girl. He said, “I thought that if a father can take on the world to break the glass ceiling in wrestling as shown in the movie, I could also fight for my daughter. We were lucky that the school accepted her.”

Indu Bala Singh, Proctor at Col Brown Cambridge School, shared, “At our school, a lot of attention is paid to hobbies and interests. It is not only about academics. If children are allowed to follow their passion, they turn out to be better, wholesome individuals.”

While Shekinah is the only girl to be admitted to the school in the past few decades, she is not the first girl to have received an education there. Indu Bala Singh and her sister Charu Bala Singh who are both daughters of the owner of the school have also studied there in the 1950s. Besides them, the daughter of a staffer has also attended the school in the 1940s.

H/T: The Times of India

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