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Inspiration: Little Badass Skater Girls from Kabul

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  •  April 27, 2015


Meet these skater girls of Kabul, aged between 5 to 25. In a country where women are not allowed to ride bicycles, they are carving their interest in one of the most exhilarating and dangerous sports in the world.

They learned skating at Skateistan, a school run by a German non-profit, that teaches skateboarding to children in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.


The Photographer behind these awesome photos is Jessica Fulford-Dobson, who believes this is nothing but female empowerment in Kabul. She says:

“The very idea of Afghan girls on skateboards captured my imagination and I thought it was a shame that such a visually striking story was compressed into a small column of text. We only seem to hear bleak news from Afghanistan, so it was really refreshing. I knew immediately that the Skate Girls of Kabul would be the perfect subject for me as a photographer.”o-BB-900

Skateistan hopes to change lives of women, many of whom are streetworkers and even disabled. It is found that about 60% the organization’s students come from impoverished backgrounds, and therefore this opportunity to learn a new activity is only making them more creative and strong.

Have a look at some other photos from the series:o-SK8-900 slide_420064_5364226_free slide_420064_5364230_free slide_420064_5364234_free slide_420064_5364238_free

Go girls, go!

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