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India’s Low Cost Sanitary Pad Machines Will Now Help Syrian Women Refugees

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  •  October 9, 2015


Arunachalam Muruganantham, a school dropout from Coimbatore, wanted to impress his wife and so he invented cost-effective sanitary-pad-making machine. The documentary Menstrual Man is all about him.

To support Syrian refugee women, an American non-governmental organization called ‘Loving Humanity’ is all set to replicate the low-cost sanitary napkin manufacturing model. This model is currently under the ownership of Sakhi enterprise, founded by Vadodara’s Swati Bedekar. Sakhi is the brand name for sanitary napkins that are made and sold by associations of women’s self-help groups in Gujarat and led by the Vatsalya Foundation.

Amy Peake, the founder of Loving Humanity said in an interview, “I realized that setting up 12 units in the Zataari refugee camp in Jordan would not just improve menstrual sanitation, but also empower at least 50 families as it brings in money through employment.”

Amy is currently in Vadodara to prepare way to ship 12 machines and the raw material for the manufacturing of these sanitary napkins.

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