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Indian Sprinter Dutee Chand Finally Free From Allegation, Likely To Participate In Competitions

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  •  July 31, 2015

19 yr old Indian sprinter, Dutee Chand has been finally cleared by the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) to compete in national and international events. Last year, she was barred from the competition for having high levels of testosterone, a condition called hyperandrogenism.

Hyperandrogenism is seen as giving an undue advantage to her over fellow women athletes. She was given 2 yrs to provide evidence supporting her eligibility. She refused to undergo hormone treatment and surgery as she wanted to prove that testosterone is naturally produced by the human body did not have a similar effect as ingesting steroids to enhance performance.

After a lot of examinations and arguments, the CAS has finally agreed that testosterone levels cannot be checked based on previous assumptions. And that, the difference between testosterone levels between a man and a woman can’t be compared to a woman with normal and abnormal levels of testosterone. Finally the CAS has decided to revise the regulations based on evolving scientific evidence and clear Dutee’s case.

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