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Indian Illustrator Makes 3 Animation Movies To Promote Govt Helpline Number For Women. Watch Now!

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  •  August 4, 2015

Suresh Eriyat, an Indian illustrator, has created three concept accessories for women that would protect them from molesters, at that, help them raise awareness about a government helpline number – 103.

His 3 animated short films address women empowerment in the most interesting way possible.

The first is a purse that has a monster inside to fight the molesters. It’s called Bagzilla.

The second is a Porcupine jacket that has pointy sharp spines (of course). The spikes spring up at the touch of a button to fight the molester.

The third is an Intergalactic remote control that beams up offenders and gives them a treatment they deserve.

In all the movies, the women are promoting the helpline 103 till the time any such thing called concept accessory is discovered. The Mumbai Police commissioner has felicitated Eriyat and his team.

He tells The Huffington Post, “While creating these films, my team and I sat together to understand the exact feeling that goes through a woman’s mind when faced with sexual harassment. We realized that amidst all their feelings of disgust (highlighted in the women’s expressions in the videos) from the unwanted attention that they receive, they always wished they had something in hand that they could use against the perpetrator.”

Feel free to use the helpline number 103. It works 24×7.

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