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Indian father beats daughter on street. Mother and passerbys just look.

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  •  March 13, 2015

In a recent Bengaluru incident, a Police father beat his daughter black and blue on the street when her affair with a boy of different caste came to family’s attention.
It was more shocking to see passersby just standing and enjoying the scene. Even the daughter’s mother was silently standing at a corner letting her cruel husband beat the daughter with fists and kicks. When two girls Nivedita Chakraborty and Archana Sharad saw this happening, they intervened and helped sit the girl inside their car. But the father stood infront of the vehicle not letting them move.

The father is a cop in the Madurai police who is forcing her grown-up daughter into marriage. Her mother, a teacher, blamed the girl for the “shame that she has brought upon her family by having an affair.” However, the 25 yr old victim denied having an affair.violence 2
One of the two women who saved the girl said – “If a policeman chooses to physically and publicly abuse his adult daughter, how are we safe in the hands of such “protectors of law? And if a teacher mistrusts and blames her adult daughter while supporting her husband’s abusive behavior, how can we entrust our children’s grooming to such ‘educators and shapers of young India’?”

Later the whole family was taken to Ulsoor Police station.

The India’s Daughter is not safe in her own home, let alone the streets.

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