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Priya Motiani

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Indian Air Force Has Shortlisted India’s First Ever Female Fighter Pilots!

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  •  December 19, 2015


It has barely been a couple of months since the empowering news of women being inducted as fighter pilots made the circles, that another happy news of the sort has come floating! Or should I say, flying.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has shortlisted 3 of the women being trained at the Air Force Academy near Hyderabad, to fly fighter planes.

These women, my friends, will have the glory of being the first ever female combat pilots of the nation. Wow! I am already excited about that fact!

“The 16-member board of officers worked hard to shortlist the cadets for the fighter stream. The three female trainees performed splendidly in flying and ground subjects too,” a top fighter pilot said.

The three women have emerged as the best among the best as they are the shortlisted ones from the group of 6 trainees.

It is also interesting to notice that even though the Indian Air Force has an impressive history of 83 years, and even though women cadets were a part of it for years, it is now that we will get to witness women as fighter pilots.

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