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India Accounts For 37% Of Global Suicide Deaths Among Women

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  •  September 13, 2018

In a recent data released by The Global Burden of Disease Study 1990-2016, it was revealed that India accounted for 37 percent of global suicide deaths among women. The data published in the Lancet Public Health journal said 63 percent of all suicide deaths reported in India were in the 15-39 age group.

“India’s proportional contribution to global suicide deaths is high and increasing. Suicide Death Rate (SDR) in India is higher than expected for its socio-demographic index level, especially for women, with substantial variations in the magnitude and men-to-women ratio between the states,” the study noted, according to The Hindu.

The data further stated that the suicide death rate for women in India is 15 per one lakh women, double that of the global suicide rate for women in 2016, which is seven per one lakh women. And, married women account for the high proportion of suicide deaths in India.

The report stated, “The highest age-specific SDR among women in 2016 was for ages 15-29 years. Suicide was the leading cause of death in India in 2016 for those aged 15-39 years; 71.2% of the suicide deaths among women and 57.7% among men were in this age group.”

Also, suicide ranked first in India as the cause of death compared to its third rank globally in this age group, it said.

ICMR Director-General Balram Bhargava said, “The very high contribution of India — from 1990 to 2016 — to the total suicide deaths in the world, especially among women, is a cause of worry. The ten-fold variation between the States in the SDR for women emphasises the need to better understand the reasons behind these suicides and make concerted efforts to reduce this avoidable loss of predominantly young lives.”

“India’s contribution to global suicide deaths increased from 25.3% in 1990 to 36.6% in 2016 among women, and from 18.7% to 24.3% among men,” the study noted. It further said that if the trends observed up to 2016 continued, the probability of India achieving Sustainable Development Goals for SDR reduction in 2030 was zero.

States Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana are in the higher-middle and high epidemiological transition level groups, which have consistently had a higher SDR for both men and women.

H/T: The Hindu

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