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In Yet Another Post, GMB Akash Captures A Heart-Wrenching Story Of Unconditional Love

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  •  February 12, 2019

“I got married at the age of twenty. My wife was half of my age. She was a beautiful little girl. The night we got married she was crying while sitting on our wedding bed. I was feeling very embarrassed seeing a child bride. I could not say anything to her. When I hesitatingly said, ‘’Please do not cry.’’ She stopped crying and asked me, ‘’Could you bring me a girl doll and let me play tomorrow?” Her question made me laugh so hard that I promised her I will let her do anything she wants,” said Wajid Mia.

In yet another heart touching post by photographer GMB Akash, we get a glimpse into a real-life story of Wajed Mia who was an extremely loving and supportive husband to his child bride. At a time when child marriage was a common phenomenon, Wajed Mia nurtured his young bride just like she needed to be from the complex matrix of religious traditions and prejudices. Regardless of the social norms prevalent during his time, Wajid Mia, a progressive man, made sure that he created a loving environment for his wife despite the challenges she faced from her mother-in-law and society.

“My mother did not like her childish behaviour at all. My family asked me to send her back to her parents. My mother used to torture her by giving her excessively hard work. I used to do some of her work for her secretly in the night by washing all the clothes in our nearby pond so that no one knew I did her work. She was the most energetic girl but also a big featherhead. One evening she was trying to climb the betel nut tree because my mother wanted to eat betel leaf and my wife had a bad fall. I was her only friend with whom she used share all her stories. When it was not possible to work for her; I always tried to stay beside her like a shadow.
One evening, I was fixing my cow stable and watching her as she was helping my mother cook in the kitchen. Suddenly our oil lamp exploded like a bomb and she hugged my mother to protect my mother from the flames burning herself instead. I saw in one second the fire engulf her whole body! I ran to her and opened her burning saree without thinking about anything. But the oil was on her face and her entire face got badly burned. Maybe that was the biggest test that God had planned for me that evening. For 9 months I never lit up my room once because she was very afraid of the lamp. I removed everything made with glass from my room so that she couldn’t see herself and become afraid. I used to tie her hands so that she couldn’t scratch or touch her skin. One night she was crying holding me and asked, “Will you not love me like before because I am ugly now?” I could not say anything and held on to her tightly.”

“She didn’t know that I had no problem with her face because her heart was so overwhelmingly beautiful to cherish.
Even after that incident, my mother told me to leave her because she looked ugly now! My mother started pushing me to remarry as my wife could not conceive after five years of our marriage. After all this intolerable torture, holding my wife’s hand I left my parent’s house. I left everything behind, here we built our heaven fifty years ago on this island. I kept my promise. I worked my whole life for our happiness. Though I was not a very good storyteller, I used to tell her jokes, one after another. I wanted to make her smile; when she used to smile everything seemed okay.”
My wife’s voice was so melodious. She used to hum beside me all the time. Now I have no one to talk to; no one to sing for me while I am working; no one to laugh at my stupid jokes. One night she left me alone. She died in her sleep with a slight smile on her face. After fifty years, my dream was broken when she left me alone in this ruthless world. I never felt lonely in my whole life with her even for a moment. I wanted to live longer for her but after her death this world seems so meaningless.”

We salute this man for defying age-old traditions and being a strong support system to his wife, whom he loved dearly.

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