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In What Relationship Are You With Your Body?

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  •  January 12, 2014

Internet is flooded with discussions whether Curves look good or Size-zero is a hit, if white is the skin color that defines ‘Beautiful’ or is tan/brown taking over. What remains constant is that the bodies we see, flaunted across all media are of actresses, celebs and supermodels who take very special care of themselves. These bodies are no less than perfect—symmetrical, without fat, tall & fair; and the faces are striking to a level that can make a woman stare at it for minutes.

Now I have few questions. If you’re a woman with extra pounds around your tummy, would you allow yourself get photographed at a party until you hide it with saree pallu or a stole? Do you lament about the genetic issues that run in your family? Do you use that Fairness Cream extensively? Do you cover those stretch marks on your body before going out? Sadly, we know the answers.

Women are never happy about their bodies, they still want to look like ‘someone’, and they still are making efforts to look ‘beautiful’. But what is the definition of beautiful? Even Wikipedia seems confusing while defining ‘Beauty’ and mentions “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

It’s high time, ladies. Move over Self-Doubts. But once you determine to do so, don’t get distress upon seeing the images of good-looking women with perfectly chiseled jaw-lines and flat bellies. Don’t sigh on turning pages of a Fashion Magazine, and don’t keep complaining while looking yourself in the mirror. What you can do best is to – Take Care of your Body. Eat healthy, do exercise regularly and use only natural products on your skin. Always remember that chemicals can do magic just for a while, what remains forever is the essentials of Mother Nature.

A healthy woman is a happy woman that determines her beauty. Realize that this Body carried and gave a birth to the new life. It deserves no compromise in respect and admiration!

And finally, your attitude towards self decides how others see you! Believe me, men watch beyond physics. What they see as an attraction is a vital energy flowing from the woman. They need to feel life-force that this body is flaunting! You can get this type of Beauty that is Eternal from the right relationships with Self and Your Body!

By Mr. Rajesh Tanwani,
Owner – Aura Thai Spa, Jaipur

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