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In Jalore, You Can’t Get Married Without Building A Clean Toilet For Your Bride!

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  •  July 21, 2015

The groom’s family demanding dowry from the bride’s family is not a new scenario in our country. What’s new is watching the tables turn! Just today I came to know of a mind-blowing thing! *Gleefully speaking… err… typing!*

Apparently, the families of the brides in four villages of Jalore district in Rajasthan are putting forward a rightful demand before giving their daughters away in the holy ties of matrimony. Want to know what it is?

*Drumroll* A CLEAN TOILET!

In sync with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech about putting an end to open defecation, the Aanvloz gram panchayat, comprising Aanvloz, Vasan, Ratuja and Thalunda villages of Rajasthan, has vowed to become 100 percent free from open defecation. Hence makes the entry, the crusade: No toilet, No Marriage!

“Any family planning to marry their boy will first have to submit a written declaration to us for building a clean and proper toilet for the brides. We’ll render a no objection certificate (NOC) for solemnization of marriage, only after the declaration is given and toilet is actually built. The groom’s family will also have to mention prominently in marriage invitation card the declaration about having built the toilet for bride. If any family makes false declaration, then the panchayat will penalize the groom’s family as well as other people involved in the marriage, spanning from priest to sweet-maker,” said Mamta Vaishno, the female sarpanch of the panchayat.

Although, a clean toilet is nothing short of a basic human right, scores of women across the country are devoid of it, sadly. This panchayat isn’t merely blowing the thought; it is undertaking solid action to implement it.

I cannot describe in words how empowering I find this move! Tell us what you think?

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