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In An Attempt To Curb ‘Issue’ Of Girls Outperforming Boys, Bengaluru Colleges Raise Cutoff For Girls

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  •  May 21, 2019

You must have come across the term ‘lower cutoff marks’, which is an affirmative action by colleges and universities via which communities and groups that are historically marginalised or face discrimination are provided opportunities. But now, colleges in Bangalore are applying a higher cutoff mark for girls for admissions into Pre University (PU) courses. The reason? Because mostly girls score better than boys and thus there are ‘too many girls’ in universities.

Justifying their decision, colleges are citing guidelines earlier issued by the Karnataka government to PU colleges. The guidelines asked them to follow a seat-matrix to ensure that more girl students are given admissions into private and government colleges.

But now, colleges are using the same guidelines to curb the issue of ‘girls outperforming boys’. So, Bengaluru’s MES PU College has set the cut off for boys opting for Science as 92%, while for girls it is 95%. For commerce, the cut off is 94% for girls while for boys it is 92%. In Christ Junior College, the cut off for the Science stream is 94.1% for boys but for girls, it is 95.1%.

As per the Vice Chancellor of Bengaluru’s Christ University, these steps were taken to ensure ‘gender balance’ in classrooms. “If there is no higher cutoff, the college will have only girls. The higher cut off is to bring gender balance,” Father Abraham, the vice-chancellor of Christ University, said.

“When women do well, raise the bar. Punish them. When men do well, it’s called? Merit,” said Tara Krishnaswamy, the co-founder of Shakti – Political Power to Women.

“If you have a higher cut off for girls, then lesser girls will join colleges. Unless there is a reasonable basis, you cannot have such discrimination. Like the demand for reservations for women in Parliament has a reasonable basis, whatever discrimination you do has to be on the basis of logic, a reasonable basis and for equity,” said lawyer Veena Krishnan.

“This is definitely not legal because there is absolutely no basis for it. There is no justifiable rationale for it,” advocate Sundar Raman explained. “In my opinion, it might be contrary to some norms. Though private colleges can set their own standards for admission, they cannot set standards that are separate for men and women. There has to be a uniform academic threshold.”

“There is reservation in favour of women in this country, not in favour of men. Academics should be much more just than people in other fields. You cannot set different standards which will be disadvantageous to women and girl students,” said lawyer Sudha Ramalingam.

People have been reacting to the news and took to Twitter to share their views on the issue.

Neha Tripathi on Twitter

Schools and colleges are the foundation they say, but when the discrimination and inequality start from there and that too by the educated professionals … “THE HIGHER CUTOFF IS TO BRING IN GENDER BALANCE.” Fr Abraham, Christ Co…https://t.co/0jZKX7sZyy https://t.co/UughwfkiOw

V on Twitter

Shame on you MES and Christ College. https://t.co/QP9AE64oHL

Aarushi on Twitter

If there are more girls in the college, apparently that’s a bad thing. Maybe the dean hasn’t seen the generally state of the country where there are more men everywhere else. #Bengaluru

Milan Vohra on Twitter

So now we punish girls for performing better?Are they so worried there are going to be more girls than boys filling up their worthless college seats? #audacious #ludicrous #ourtwistedcountry #reservations #educationsystem #system #whatsystem #bengaluru #beingfemaleinIndia

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