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In A Yummy Chat With Aditi Of ‘Gobble’, She Spooks Us With A 10-Hour Long Pizza Recipe

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  •  July 8, 2017


Food startup Gobble, a vertical of Pocket Aces which is a digital entertainment startup, hiccups Dave Thomas’ quote  “What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.”

This is what I sensed in every word of the very delectable conversation I had with Aditi Srivastava­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­, Co-founder at Gobble.

Gobble was launched in July 2016, with an intention to create original exciting content for youngsters who do not wish to watch food on television but slurp the internet.

IWB:  Tell us how did you gobble the idea of ‘Gobble’?

Aditi: Gobble which is solely dedicated to food is a product of Pocket Aces. Other two of its verticals are Dice (web series, sketches) and FilterCopy (short form content). Last year when we conceived the idea of Gobble, we were basically experimenting with content. We realized that food sector is huge. Food shows on the television are doing great.  Despite that, there were few online shows by top media portals whose engagement was not very high. Since we have a bunch of gourmands in our office, we identified this space and launched Gobble.

IWB:  How does Gobble promote healthy cooking?

Aditi: Gobble is all about savory Indian recipes that people would love to make and eat. However, since healthy eating and cooking is the need of today, we prepare our dishes keeping that in mind. So, one will not see a lot of cheese and chocolate in our videos as compared to other food videos over the internet.

In fact, we have also collaborated with a fitness brand and are creating 100 videos for them. The healthy food is quite a major part of what we create.

IWB: What is your growth plan?

Aditi: We’d like to see this expansion in three phases. First, being our expansion in content. Second is to curate fresh and exciting content, and third is the offline connection.

As of now, we release two videos a week, and 3 to 4 articles a day. We’d like to expand it to at least 7 videos a week and approximately 7 articles a day. We are also trying to curate food content that is not available otherwise. For this, we do online competitions like ‘Worth it’ in which we blind-folded a bunch of people and served them biryani from different restaurants and streets. They had to guess which was the most and least expensive.

Last is when we go offline. Offline food writers is a very tight knit community. We want to associate Gobble with influential food professionals. Also, there is a popular culture of home chefs these days. We would like to explore opportunities with these amazing but not so celebrated home chefs.

img_2 (5)

IWB: What happens to the food that is cooked?

Aditi: Ohh, the food that is cooked for the shoots is eaten by us. We only make one portion of the dish. So we have our office on the 13th floor and the studio on the 8th. You won’t believe, it has only happened once or twice that the food is brought up, otherwise, it always gets gobbled on the spot.

IWB: Five food video presentation tips you would like to share?

Aditi:  Ummm, those would be:

  • Prepare the food keeping the hygienic standards in mind so that it reflects in the final product as well.
  • Make the food colorful.
  • Make sure the crockery colors complement the color of the food.
  • The frame should look decorative but neat.
  • The video should not look difficult and make someone say ‘I want to eat it now.’

IWB: What is your hand ritual for the videos you release?

Aditi: Haha! The most important thing is that the hands shouldn’t look confused! Next, the nails should be cut and the hands should look neat. Also, sometimes we ask the male chefs if we can do something about the hair on their hands.

On a lighter note I asked her, what do you like to gobble while doing the following things:

Watching movies: Salt and Caramel popcorn for life.

Surfing internet: A chai.

Home Alone: Lots of chocolates.

Midnight snacking: Besan ke ladoo.

At a Bar: Fries, Tapas and other finger foods.

IWB: What is your favorite food to turn into a video?

Aditi: It would be something fusion and funky. One dish that comes on the top of my mind is prawn net dosas!

IWB: What is that one recipe that took the longest time to shoot?

Aditi: Recently we did a food video for Penguin. It was a Roald Dahl’s book that completed 100 years. Since it was being released on the Halloween, we made a spooky pizza for them.

Would you believe we started making the video at midnight and the shoot wrapped up at 10 am in the morning?

This must have been one hell of a pizza, I swear! Well, you can check it out below.

IWB: So, who washes the dishes?

Aditi: Our office help does, but when the crockery is expensive, we ourselves do it.

IWB: What’s your favorite dish from your mother’s kitchen?

Aditi: I don’t have one. Would you mind if I share three at least?

Haha, not at all, I replied!

So they are Dahi ke aloo with makke ki roti, Desi macroni in white sauce, and Shahi toast are my all time favorites.


IWB: What do the notes on your refrigerator reveal about you?

Aditi: My Fridge has magnets from all around the world which only show my love to travel.

IWB: What are the refrigerator must haves for the below:

Working mothers: Milk, frozen corn, and peas, bread, butter and eggs

Bachelors: Beer, eggs, bread, and butter, coke and juices

Stay at home dads: I think men are too adventurous when it comes to cooking. So men should have a full stock of everything at home.

IWB: What are the super foods for 2017 according to you?

Aditi: For me, it would be Quinoa and Avocado. And I hope they can become cheap and easily available for people to consume.

This article was first published on February 24, 2017.

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