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In A Pathbreaking Move, Pakistan Has Opened Its First Transgender School In Lahore

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  •  April 16, 2018

Education is the powerful weapon that changes the world for good. It is one of the keys that unlocks the doors of freedom. And hence, why should anybody be denied that? In a remarkable step towards equality, Pakistan opened its first school for transgenders in Lahore.

The school is named The Gender Guardian opened by an NGO – Exploring Future Foundation (EFF) in the Defence Housing Authority area of the city. This is the first project by the NGO which was inaugurated on Sunday.

“We will be providing skill-based training and curriculum to the transgender community that has enrolled with us,” said Moizzah Tariq, EFF’s Managing Director.

The classes commenced on Monday in the school. It offers a full 12 years of academic education from the primary level to matriculation and then leading up to college, its officials said. The school has training-based courses in eight fields, including cooking, fashion designing and cosmetics on offer.

The Managing Director informed that most of the transgenders are interested to learn about the fashion field. He said, “Most of them have shown interest in sectors of the fashion industry including learning about cosmetics, fashion designing, embroidery, and stitching while some have also shown interest in graphic designing and culinary skills. Having gained information from them first we designed our courses for them. This is the only such school in any Islamic country in the world.”

The idea of the initiative is to provide a diploma course so that the students will be able to either work or set up their own businesses, and the NGO will facilitate them with both.

The owner of the school, Asif Shahzad, shared what inspired him to start the school. He shared, “I was moved after seeing the bomb blast in Indonesia in 2016 at a transgender school. It was the only such school in any Islamic country in the world. After that, we decided to provide them education and bring them to the mainstream.”

As of now, there are 30 people enrolled in the school and there is no age-limit for admission.

H/T: The Hindu

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