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In A Historical First, Three Out Of Four Science Divisions At NASA Helmed By Women

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  •  May 15, 2019

With three out of four science divisions at NASA being handled by women pioneers, we are witnessing a golden phase in the history of mankind. The science divisions, namely The Earth Science, Heliophysics and Planetary Science have women at the helm who are adding their unique expertise to NASA.

“We have an extraordinary group of women responsible for the success of dozens of NASA space missions and research programs, revealing new insights about our planet, Sun and solar system. They are inspiring the next generation of women to become leaders in space exploration as we move forward to put the first woman on the Moon,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in an official statement.  

Sandra Cauffman, the acting director of the Earth Science division, shared a message with the young generation who aspire to a career like hers. “Don’t give up at the first ‘no.’ With determination and perseverance, we can become what we dream we can become,” she said.

Director of the Heliophysics division, Nicole Fox believes that “if you think about the diversity of roles that take getting a mission into space, all different types of jobs come together. If you want to work at NASA, there’s a job for you.”

Lori Glaze, who is leading the Planetary Science division, is thrilled about working at NASA. “It’s the most diverse group of people I’ve ever worked with and it’s the kind of place where you feel like everyone’s ideas are being heard, and really moving along and advancing our understanding in how we want to go about doing science at NASA,” Glaze said. “I think it’s a great place to be today.”




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