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Important For Children And Young People To Know Where Their Belief System Comes From: Author Roopa Pai

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  •  August 8, 2019

Known for writing India’s first fantasy-adventure series, Tananauts, Bengaluru-based author Roopa Pai is also popular for her interpretation of The Gita for children and now she has published a prequel to it, The Vedas and Upanishads for Children. But what will amaze you is the fact that her parents never owned a copy of the Gita and rejected the Vedas.

“We’re are the Lingayat sect in Karnataka, who are protestant Hindus. We reject the Vedas, for us God is formless, so we don’t believe in worshipping forms of god, and bury our dead. We don’t have a fire at our weddings,” she said. “It is very important for children and young people to know about themselves, to understand where their own world view and belief systems come from. This not only gives them a deep sense of identity, but it also leads to confidence and self-love. It roots them in their own culture while allowing them to explore others with an open mind.”

“The best part about these ancient texts is that they are entirely secular. They are reflections about where the universe came from, the purpose of human life, the meaning of death, the nature of the mind, the nature of the soul, and so on. They are not about god at all. The Gita is more a practical self-help book on how to live joyously in the world than it is a ‘holy book’,” she added. She also works as a tour guide with heritage walks and tours company, Bangalore Walks.

Even though she, when she was a child, never had the opportunity to read the Vedas and read Gita only when she decided to write the book, she wants the kids today to get their basics clear on the whats, whos, and whys of Vedas and how to study them. Her book sheds light on the concept of Shruti literature, the origin of Aryas, details of the Vedas, Sanskrit hymns, the world of Upanishads and the 10 main scriptures.

H/T: The Indian Express



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