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Ijeoma Oluo’s Badass Feminist Coloring Book

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  •  July 10, 2015

When I first came across the term “Badass Feminist Coloring Book”, I was intrigued. For a minute, the strange association of the word Feminism with Coloring Book seemed weird. On digging further, here’s what I found!

“You’re never too old for coloring books & you’re never too young for feminism,” goes the idea behind this project created by Ijeoma Oluo, a Seattle-based writer and an internet yeller. She is known for her work on feminism and social justice.

This book compiles a series of outlined images portraying feminists of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, races, body types, gender identities etc. coupled with empowering feministic quotes. For Ijeoma, what started as a de-stressing activity, turned into creating an inspirational, interactive and conversational escape medium for feminists! She believes feminism to be a serious topic which can also be enjoyed and celebrated.


“I want people to see the beauty in feminism, not a conventional beauty that often hurts women, but a beauty that comes from strength, resilience, kindness and empathy. Also, I really just want to give this to my feminist friends, as a celebration of community and solidarity,” says Ijeoma.

Take a look at some of these aptly titled badass images!



I would be lying if I said that after seeing these, a gush of empowerment didn’t run through me! Tell us what you think about this creative expression of feminism!

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