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If You’re Looking For An Adorable Book On Puberty To Clear Your Kid’s Doubts, Here Is One!

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  •  December 5, 2018


Remember when we met TEDx speaker Madhavi Jadhav, Founder of, in July’17 in Delhi? She started this website to normalize sex education in India and clear doubts kids have regarding one’s sexuality like health, puberty, sex, menstruation, hormonal change, etc.

During an interview, she told IWB about her team of psychiatrists and gynecologists which is making endless efforts to become ‘that mate’ for the kids. A mate who has answers to their otherwise censored questions. She said, “We conduct workshops at educational institutions and also visit rural areas to meet both kids and parents and discuss sex-related topics. We also encourage people to send us their inquiries on Facebook or Sarahah.”

Madhavi, who is fighting the stereotypical mentality enveloping the word ‘sex,’ has now commenced another revolutionary project that helps kids understand puberty through pictorial representation. ThatMate has collaborated with the MIT School of Design, Pune, to design a book named ‘ThatMate’s Growing Up‘ on puberty that also sheds light on related topics like menstruation, menstrual myths, menstrual hygiene, nightfall, etc. – something that most teenagers keep wondering about.

The book has been written by a theatre artist who has scripted the dialogues between a teacher and her two students – a girl and a boy. It has been approved by expert gynecologists and is written in simple Hindi that can be understood even by a 7-year-old.

Madhavi explained, “Puberty brings some major changes in a child’s life like hair growth around private parts, periods in teen girls, emerging of breasts, and hormonal imbalance resulting in mood swings. In most cases, parents are hesitant to address these issues and hence, fail to explain the reason behind the sudden bodily changes. That’s where our book comes handy.”

The cartoon strips in the book show tiny kids asking curious questions like why their other friends have grown taller than them, how is the period blood formed and what is its purpose, how to bear babies in their little bellies, etc.

Take a look at one of these adorable informative strips:

img_1 img_2 img_3

ThatMate’s Growing Up is available on Amazon.

Dear parents, if you want to learn how NOT to give your kids half-baked explanations when they put forward their sex queries, head to our detailed interview with MadhaviShe’s got some interesting tips for y’all like this one: Please don’t tell your boy not to hang out with girls. Instead, tell him WHAT he should be careful of while being with girls. Okay? Okay.

This article was first published in December 31, 2017.

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