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If we stop talking about men…

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  •  October 9, 2014


Women can talk about everything in one go. They might begin with a certain color of nail polish and end up talking about Mr. Narendra Modi.  In a girl’s Pyjama party, apart from lots of dancing, singing, eating, make-up trials; there is also tons of chit-chat sessions. A ‘girl talk’ is random, undistinguished, non-stop and is filled with experiences, complaints, wishes and everything that you cannot think of right now.

There is one Bechdel test which is originally conceived for evaluating movies to check if two women in this movie talk to each other about something other than a man. This test recently evaluated the famous ‘Sex And The City’ and the movie failed the test proving the main protagonists were talking about men most of the time. This test also proved that those films passing the test have lower budget than others, but have comparable or better financial performance.



If we put this concept outside movie world, we will find it is equally true in our real life too. When two or more women are in a conversation, they are most likely to talk about men. And unsurprising, it is hard for women to ignore this topic no matter how hard they try. Yes, yes we know fashion, kids, career and food are other competitors to men that we adore talking about. But what we mean here is the topic of men just slips in. Why can’t we just have a gala chatting time without them?

So, women here is a task, next time you are having a nice talk with your girlfriend or a female relative, try to talk about things other than men in your office, home, college, school, at the shopping mall, on the street, anywhere. Just don’t let this gender come between your talks. And then share with us, what all topics you discussed. For example – if you are talking about workplace, just don’t discuss how attractive that male colleague is & that he carries himself so well. Rather talk about how you can help arrange a personality development session for female workers in your office. This little shift will definitely put the forces in right direction. All the best, since we all need it.

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