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I Will Play Like A Girl And I Will Play The Best Dhol I Can, Says India’s Youngest Female Dhol Player Jahan Geet

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  •  August 8, 2019

A girl can’t become an engineer, mechanic, technician… and the list of society’s what-a-girl-can’t-be goes on. So when young Jahan Geet expressed her desire to play dhol, again something that falls in the category of ‘done by men only’, people were quick to criticize her decision but Geet wasn’t ready to give up. And today, she is the youngest female dhol player in India.

“I will play like a girl and I will play the best dhol I can,” said Jahan Geet when her trainer instructed her to “play like a man.” Initially, she found it difficult to find a dhol teacher who was ready to teach a girl, but she went on in spite of the taunts of people.

“‘Don’t you have any shame that you decided to play dhol? You could have picked up something else to do.’ People think dhol is for Mirasis, for an oppressed class. People in mine and other cultures are not willing to accept that a girl wants to enter this male-dominated field,” she remembered. She is pursuing her law degree from the Panjab University, currently.

She had been playing dhol since she was 12 and 100 stages across the world have been graced with her talent. Her videos alone get more than 20 million views on social media. She believes that as a musician, she is representing India worldwide and promoting its culture.

H/T: The Quint


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