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“I used to freeze wages, but never eggs…”

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  •  November 10, 2014


Confessions of one Boss from one company that is located in one of Indian cities come right from the heart. And this blog may even look sincere, if only… Better read it yourself:

Some companies have offered to bear all the expenses for freezing the eggs of their female employees. It is done with the ‘noble’ intention of making them concentrate solely on their careers instead of having babies. Now though the concept seemed absurd to me, I could find no wrong in it because after all it is ultimately aimed at women empowerment.

Women Empowerment! The word which can be heard making rounds everywhere in the world. From self-proclaimed Samaritans to neatly-dressed CEOs, everyone is doing there bit to ‘empower the woman’.

I couldn’t resist from asking myself a question. ‘What if I ever heard the word MEN Empowerment?’ The very thought of it makes me angry. Who says I need to be empowered! I am perfectly alright without anyone trying to empower me and that’s why my grave warning to them is- ‘Shut up and stay the hell out of my way!’ However as far as the woman is concerned it is perfectly all right to interfere in her life and ‘empower’ or better say ‘overpower’ her because only those are needed to be empowered who are weak.

So the purpose behind this step is to ensure a trouble free career for a female employee. By trouble of course I mean pregnancy and maternity leaves. Even though I am just a small time businessman who barely earns any profit after meeting all the expenses, strangely I perfectly understand the dilemma of the directors of these huge companies in the issue of granting leaves to their female employees when they start expecting. I suddenly start thinking of them as ‘us’, united by a common sense of camaraderie. WAIT A MINUTE…for a woman the thought of having a child may not be a matter of trouble in the same way as it is for us and it might also be an occasion of limitless JOY??? But who cares…for us it is only the time where our employees come to us asking for maternity leave.

A thought suddenly crosses my mind. I recently read a report from a medical journal that the process of egg freezing is extremely complex and the doctors don’t recommend it in some cases. What if by any chance the freezed eggs are found to be damaged when they are ultimately unfreezed? Will we have to bear the burden of killing a child? Will we be termed as criminals and tried in a court of law? The very thought of me along with my fellow CEOs sitting in a damp prison wearing striped uniforms instead of our fancy suits is absolutely shuddering to me. But I try to calm myself by thinking that we, the heads of some of the biggest companies in the world, can never be wrong.

Now that is the problem with these feminists. They will not understand these things as easily as we do and will fire all sorts of useless questions: Why is it believed that women can’t maintain perfect balance between career and personal life? Shouldn’t a man be also equally responsible same as the woman in raising the child? Are we moving towards a world where the lines between work and personal space are absolutely blurred?

Who can answer such complicated questions?

PS. Jaipur women blog believes that freezing of eggs is not a solution to accelerate the career of a woman. But first of all, let’s negotiate about terms. Let’s stop using the word ‘motherhood’ and switch to ‘parenthood’.  Wouldn’t it be much easier if both the mother and father of a child become equally responsible in his or her upbringing? Parenthood is a gift and it depends on individual decisions rather than lucrative offers of freezing the eggs of a woman.

By Deep Mukherjee,


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