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I Intend To Change The Way Beauty Industry Thinks Of Representation And Inclusivity: Deepica Mutyala

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  •  May 14, 2019

Promoting the concept of inclusive beauty, blogger-turned-CEO Deepica Mutyala, whose colour correction Youtube video went viral in 2015, through her beauty brand Live Tinted focuses on featuring skin tones that are underrepresented in media.

With makeup products like Huesticks, that are “first-ever eye, lip, and cheek multistick with clean ingredients and safe pigments that balance out dark circles, spots, and hyperpigmentation,” Mutyala is on a mission to offer products that have for long been ignored by the beauty industry for people who are a shade between the standardized colours.

“The journey of building the Live Tinted community and the overwhelming feedback we continuously receive let me know that I wasn’t alone in feeling left out of the beauty narrative. That dream of having my own brand became an imperative and fuelled my determination to make this a reality,” shared Mutyala, who was instrumental in initiating the conversation on the lack of diversity and inclusivity in the industry. In a recent interview with Vogue, she opened up about what inspired her to create the Huesticks and her advice to the future generations to continue the conversations about inclusivity.

On how the Huesticks came to form

“We’re all about challenging concepts of beauty. We have featured people of colour from myriad backgrounds, careers, skin tones, just so diverse, and yet there is one common thread—they are all inspirational, and bending and breaking walls and ceilings in their respective fields. Our entire process (of creating the Huesticks) from start to finish was absolutely crowdsourced.

We gathered our community, asked them what they’d like to see, what they struggle with (a vast majority mentioned dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles), and we catered our first product to their feedback. Once we began product development, the community was at the centre of the discussion. We had people (from regular community members to makeup artists) test the product. Every iteration was based on testers’ feedback—this was such an important part of the product development process for me. We’ve essentially created a product by the community for the community.”

Her advice to Gen Z

“I just wanted to create the representation I didn’t have growing up. It’s really just to be confident enough in your voice. It’s easy to take things standing down, but it’s harder to speak up. As a person of colour myself, I understand the hurt, confusion, and anger that results from brands not seeing you as worthy—as so often demonstrated by their business.

I encourage the younger generation to feel confident and really speak up to what they believe is right. I encourage everyone who has been marginalised to find and use their voice. I know, it’s easier said than done, but that’s precisely why we are building a platform and a brand around it—because there is power in numbers. Find your cause, connect to it, and feed it.”

On her future plans

“I intend to change the way the beauty industry thinks of representation and inclusivity. The purpose of Tinted and our products is to make a strong statement that underrepresentation will no longer be tolerated. Beauty doesn’t discriminate—why does this industry? We will continue driving equitable access to beauty and skincare, ample representation, and an inclusive, culturally nuanced approach to business. The Live Tinted community, of course, will continue to be at the front and centre of everything we do. Without giving too much information, our mission of representing “every shade in between” will live on.”

H/T: Vogue

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